It Worked For Me: Parent Hacks

Not ready to throw away your kids' clothes or uncertain what to do with an unwanted crib bumper? These innovative parent hacks can give your kids' items a whole new life.


[MUSIC] For big events, we created a countdown paper chain, labelling each link with the date. They love taking off a link each morning to get closer to the big day. I cut out cute designs for my daughter's baby clothes and decoupage them on canvasses painted to match the wall color. I turn my son's outgrown all-in-ones into t-shirts by cutting off the bottom, and hem them with fabric [UNKNOWN]. After my daughter outgrew her favorite tee shirt, I decided to turn it into a pillow by sewing up the openings and stuffing it. Play dough makes a much easier stamping surface than paper. She can entertain herself with great scenes, flip the dough over, stamp and repeat, and I don't have to worry about any messy ink to clean off her hands or the table. Instead of throwing away baby formula cans, my kids use them to make their own piggy banks. [MUSIC]

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