It Worked For Me: Organization Inspiration

Kids aren't usually the cleanest bunch out there. Our readers share their amazing solutions to all kinds of household messes. Your home will be cleaner and more organized in no time.


[MUSIC] If my daughter draws in crayon on the wall, I don't stress. I just reach for a fresh cucumber. It's outer skin erases crayon mark. I leave a dish rack in the tub to dry and store my kid's bath toys after they're done using them. My three year old loves Play-Doh, but I hate when it gets mashed into the carpet. Now I place a shower liner on the floor whenever she wants to play. I put a spoonful of brown coffee in the liner of my diaper bin to stop it from smelling, hazelnut flavor coffee works the best. Instead of bibs, I buy cheap t-shirts in big sizes and slip on over my sons clothes, it keeps his whole outfit clean, I dust with fabric softener because the dust sticks to the sheets. And they reduce static which keeps dust from settling. [MUSIC]

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