I'm a Mom and the Founder of a Photo App: Here Are 6 Moments Every New Parent Should Capture

Every busy parent has moments they regret not catching on camera. A photo app founder explains what parents should actually focus on.

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I'm the mom of an 8-month-old and already I can't believe how time flies. I want to save every precious moment with my baby. The problem is my phone constantly runs out of storage for my 10,000 (and counting!) pics as I try to make sure I don't miss out on something I'll wish I'd saved later.

I'm also the co-founder of Honeycomb, a family photo app, which allows parents like me to save and organize a child's life with unlimited uploads. My work has additionally helped me learn which baby content new parents love to capture most in the first few years.

As parents, we can sometimes feel like photos have to be Insta-perfect or we can get overwhelmed with what moments we should document. In February, after polling hundreds of new moms and dads across the U.S. on their favorite moments to capture, it became clear that often the best moments are the little ones.

Here's what parents share about the photo ops they regret missing, and tips on how to catch them now so you'll love them later.

Take More Video

The number one tip I have for parents is to not only take photos, but to take advantage of video, too. "I didn't start taking videos until a few months in," said one parent. "I wish I took videos all the time." The reason why? Videos really come alive in a way some photos can't. And remember, you can also screenshot individual frames from videos to create photos.

Catch Your Baby Waking up in the Morning

Many of the parents polled called wakeup time one of the most joyful, so it's a perfect opportunity to have your phone or camera ready. Snap one when your little one wakes up and another when they stretch as you take them out of the swaddle. Or try filming a short video as you sneak into the room in the morning light.

Get Photos of Yourself With Your Baby

"Don't forget to take pictures of yourself—I wish I had taken more photos of myself with my kids," was a common refrain from parents. And it makes sense. You are so often behind the camera, but you'll want to have moments saved of you two together! Have someone take a snap when you're singing to or feeding your baby as you're looking at them. And if no one is around, opt for a selfie together. It doesn't have to be perfect to be memorable!

Record Them Before, During, and After Milestones

Many parents said they wished they'd captured more videos of their baby talking to capture how their voice changed over time. "The way they say certain things when they first start talking is the cutest," said one parent. Start taking little videos once you hear your baby babbling and keep at it until they start saying words and forming sentences.

But moments and milestones can be anything depending on a child's ability. So whatever it is for your family, just keep on recording—it will be a joy to see them before and after they hit whatever milestone means something to you and your child.

Don't Forget To Get Them Laughing

"The thing I definitely wish I had more of were her baby laughs," another parent pointed out. Turns out giggling babies never get old. Especially in those trying moments at 4 a.m., you'll want these joyful sounds to go back to and treasure.

Snap During Tough Moments Too

Yes, really! "I took videos of my twins full-on screaming and crying," one parent said. The meltdown may not feel fun in the moment, but parents consistently cite these as some of the most hilarious videos or photos to look back on and laugh at later.

The Bottom Line

As a new parent, just getting through the day can feel exhausting—who has time or energy to keep a baby book? Make it easy on yourself to capture those moments with a few quick snaps of even the smallest moments. Then use a photo organizing app to save and organize every precious moment, and then download them onto your phone or computer. You'll thank yourself later when you have your child's story saved to revisit again and again.

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