Frida Mom's Hilarious New PSA Warns Expectant Parents to Avoid All Sorts of D*cks During the Postpartum Period

Now this is the kind of advice new parents—and, really, all parents—need to hear.

Courtesy of Frida Mom
Photo: Courtesy of Frida Mom

The fourth trimester care wizards over at Frida Mom are out with a new PSA—that is, a postpartum service announcement—warning expectant parents to avoid d*cks after birth, both literally and figuratively.

Yes, it's true, you're supposed to wait to have sex until six weeks after having a baby, but Frida Mom (who you may remember from the raw commercial about what the postpartum experience is really like that went viral back in February) has advice for new parents: Steer clear of any and all d*cks after bringing baby home.

Created in partnership with Ryan Reynolds’ marketing company and featuring two real-life medical professionals from New York, the PSA warns new parents about the types of d*cks they'll likely encounter—and why they should be avoided at all costs.

"Your doc won't warn you about these, but you'll know 'em when you see 'em," says Frida Mom. Here are just a few of the types of people in your life who might try to force unsolicited advice on you postpartum:

  • The Thoughtless D*ck: That one friend who stops by to visit the baby and totally neglects you.
  • The Professional D*ck: That drugstore worker who cares more about their break than your cracked nipples.
  • The "I've Been There" D*ck: Usually a family member—we're looking at you Grandma—this "veteran" parent will try to correct everything you're doing and let you know just why the decisions you're making for Baby are wrong.

Reynolds himself even got in on the fun, commenting "I’d tag @blakelively but I’m afraid that might not go well for me" on the Instagram post. The dad of three young kids certainly knows a thing or two about newborn care—and is no stranger to having a little fun with wife Blake Lively on social media.

Frida Mom fans also weighed in on Instagram to share their own personal d*ck stories, and parents everywhere will totally be able to relate.

One user warned of the in-law drama that many new parents are sure to experience, writing "In laws showing up 3 hours after birth and basically the nurse had to kick them out the moment they got there bc I was trying to BF and needed to rest."

"Lactation consultant calling me a mama cow constantly because once my milk came in she said she could tell I would have an oversupply," another user wrote. "Annnnnd my mil telling me that I was spoiling my baby by responding to him 6 weeks old. 🙃🙄"

And we should note that these d*cks can also pop up before the baby's even born, as is evident from one user's recent experience: "My MIL who is upset that my pregnant self and my husband won’t be attending her Christmas party in the middle of a pandemic which will have attendees who traveled from out of state to be there. God forbid I attempt to protect her soon to be granddaughter."

The moral of the PSA? Only you get to decide what's best for your baby. Sure, you should listen to your OB-GYN and your child's pediatrician, but try to tune out all that other noise around you as much as you can and follow your gut!

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