Five Things a Mom Should Never Post Online

We love to see pics of your bambino, but there is such a thing as digital TMI.


I've posted about my hemorrhoids, my husband's ****, like, what haven't I posted about? [MUSIC] I talk about about killing my husband and kids all the time. I haven't done it. I'm not gonna do it. But, should one of them ever get killed by somebody else, I'm gonna be the number one suspect because I told the whole world that I'm gonna do it. Grateful versus braggy. It's two different things and you gotta master that, or you could end up On the wrong side of the like button. I don't need 20 pictures of your baby. Two a day is great, but I don't need 20. No tushes, my kids have such cute tushies, but no posting that online. Breastfeeding & boobs and stuff like that doesn't really bother me. I mean, [SOUND] Kim Kardashian gets naked, so I feel like if someone want's to breastfeed, [SOUND] by all means, that doesn't bother me. Just remember everything on the Internet is permanent. So [SOUND] if you don't mind that people will see your boobs [SOUND] in ten years, then go ahead and put your boobs out there. If I'm out and about, I try to post [SOUND] pictures slightly after we've been there so it's I lie, I lie and I kinda do that on purpose. Because I don't want people to get used to a routine or where we are or kinda figure things out. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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