Handling That Unwanted Parenting Advice

When you have a child, suddenly everyone has opinions about how you're parenting. From the well-meaning friend to the nosy neighbor, who do you listen to and how do you handle all that unwanted advice?


Just smile and nod. [MUSIC] For the whole first year, I just followed my instincts, and it was great. I was the first mom on the block, where I didn't have a lot of friends with kids. So, no one really gave me advice. Every was just watching to see what happens. [MUSIC] I come from a greek family, so it's a barrage of unwanted parenting advice. People just judge and they just say things and you just have to let it roll, and not think much about it. Arguing can be fun sometimes, [SOUND] but I haven't found That it's very fruitful when it comes to another parent on the playground. So I try to kill them with kindness. And I'm just like, thanks. Okay. [LAUGH] And sometimes you have to say thanks for sharing and keep it moving. Keep going. But you kind of learn which people are worth listening to. If you have some Devil's spawn children and you're trying to give me parenting advice. I'm gonna let you know, not really looking at you as a reliable source on this one. I just try to understand that when people are giving advice they're trying to help. Just leave it at a simple thank you. it's really nice as a new mom To have other moms that are on speed dial. And if you don't have anyone to text, you can text me. I'm there for you. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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