Because Unwanted Parenting 'Advice' Is the Worst...

From "should you be eating that?" questions during pregnancy to "helpful" suggestions about your parenting style, moms and dads everywhere deal with lots of unwanted advice. We asked Parents readers to share the most undesirable tips they've ever gotten. We know people mean well, but, wow...

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"A sweet, uninformed family member said I should stop breastfeeding by six months because the baby would be too big for it to look cute. I responded respectfully that current recommendations were for at least a year and proceeded to breastfeed three times as long as she recommended." —Kachina Ellis Lopez

"All from the same woman, every time I mention something I'm going to do or go to buy something: 'You can't get your nails done when you're pregnant!' 'You can't dye your hair when you're pregnant!' 'You can only drink water when you're pregnant'—while refusing to sell me a bottle of tea. 'You can't wear heels when you're pregnant'—I was 10 weeks at the time—and my personal favorite: "You can't have another c-section without at least trying to push that baby out first!' Every comment has gotten the same response, 'Thank you for your concern but you are not my doctor and I've already discussed it with her.'" —Kimberly Boahn

"My mother-in-law just recently told me that I shouldn't drink in front of my daughter because then she'll think it's okay...I responded with, 'Yeah it's perfectly fine for adults and you already got to do whatever you wanted when raising your children, this is my turn.'" —Teila Thomsen

"'OMG, you're pregnant again!? Don't you think its a little soon???' Answer: 'If and when we choose to have another child is none of your concern. We will do what we feel is best for our family and ourselves.'" —Amber Bradley

"When we went on vacation when [my baby] was 6 weeks I had a lady rudely tell me that it was a little to early to be traveling. I kindly smiled and told her he is covered for immunities by me for 3 months." —Ashley Marie

"We had our 20-week ultrasound on my husband's birthday, so I wrote 'Happy Bday Daddy, Love, baby!' My husband was so touched by it and took a picture. It was a private moment, but thought I would share the picture with my mom. Boy, did I regret it! She replied with advice on how to prevent stretch marks on my belly. I was hurt that she chose to focus on the 'negative' or what she perceived as a problem instead of the joy of finding out the gender of our baby on our husband's bday." —Katya Zepeda d'Obisakin

"Relatives are constantly telling us to spank our son to get him to straighten up. I stare at them and say, 'That just teaches him to hit.' BTW, he's autistic, so I'm right about sending the wrong message." —Kristeane Benavides

"'You're pregnant, indulge! Eat what you want!' and also, 'Are you sure you should be working out? Is it safe to be doing those types of workouts?'" —Cierra Brown

"'Don't you think you're a little old for a 2nd child?' Excuse me... I'm only 28. Oh and another: 'Why would you wait so long for another kid?' Sorry, but my husband and I wanted to be sure we were in a good place financially before even considering another kid." —"‹Sammie Nuriko

"Most older generation relatives kept telling us to feed him table food at a couple weeks old. He was colicky and that was their solution. [They thought] he was obviously hungry because all I was feeding him was formula. In the process I became so insecure about him being hungry I was giving him a 6- to 8-ounce bottle every 1 1/2 hours. Which just made it worse because I was over-feeding him and he was just vomiting it all up." —Nicole Burgess

"I am a full-time store manager at a retail store in the mall. Customers would often make comments while I was pregnant such as, 'Why is your husband letting you work?' or 'You should be at home with your feet up!' I would always respond to them by saying that working is my choice and I feel much better standing and moving around all day than I would if I was at home sitting on my butt! 'I have a healthy pregnancy with normal weight gain and no swelling. What I'm doing seems to be agreeing with my body, but thanks for your concern!'" —Laura Tyner

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