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No one said this parenting thing was easy—so in a bid to make it that little bit easier, we bring you 'Ask Your Mom', the new advice column from the team at Each week, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D. will tackle even the most elusive of parenting dilemmas that stump even Google.

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Can I Keep in Contact With My Ex-Husband's Family Even If He Doesn't Want Me To?

Divorce is messy and complicated for everyone in the family it touches. Figuring out a new normal for you and your kids is part of the process of grieving the loss of family as you knew it, and everyone sacrifices. Keeping family connections is best, but it may have to look different, and change with time.

My Teen is Embarrassed by Me And I Don't Know What to Do

It is normal for teenagers to be embarrassed by their parents, but difficult feelings and behaviors need to be addressed within the context of a close relationship. Building and maintaining this closeness takes creativity and persistence, and often, our own self-awareness.

Neighborhood Kids Are Alienating My Child—What Can I Do?

Social connection is important for a child's development. But what happens when a kid is being left out? Here's how to navigate this tricky situation and help your little one build a healthy social life.

Should I Stop My Daughter From Hanging Out With a Kid I Think is a Bad Influence?

As parents, we don't want to see our kids get hurt and sometimes that means from their social group. But should we tell them what to do when it comes to friendship? Here's the best way to approach this situation.

I Don't Agree With How My Partner Parents His Kid, What Can I Do?

Any type of co-parenting takes communication and hard work, especially when one partner is the primary parent. But it can be tricky when one partner really doesn't agree with the other's way of doing things. Here's how to handle that.

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How Can I Teach My Kid to Stand Up For Himself?

Children who struggle with confidence or have a passive style in social interactions can be at risk for being bullied. Parents can luckily help them through it and here's how.

Your Child's Sense of Humor Could Be a Sign Of Something More Serious

A sense of humor serves a child well—but when pranks are misplaced, humor can go awry. Here's how to help their sense of humor shine while also teaching them how to behave in weightier moments, too.

My Son Misses His Grandparents and Nothing I Say Helps

Missing family members will affect us all during a pandemic holiday season, but our kids especially need support. Here's how to help them through it.