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No one said this parenting thing was easy—so in a bid to make it that little bit easier, we bring you 'Ask Your Mom', the new advice column from the team at Each week, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D. will tackle even the most elusive of parenting dilemmas that stump even Google.

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How Can I Get My Kid to Stop Being Defensive Whenever He's at Fault?

Strong emotions can be a lot for young brains to handle, so we need to help our kids by staying in control of ours. Here's how to keep our own emotions in check while helping our little ones correct their behavior.

How Do I Get My Child to Stop Repeating Bad Behavior From Others?

Kids are master mimics and it can be easy for them to pick up unpleasant behaviors, especially when others have them repeat them for laughs. Here are ways to navigate that tricky situation.

How Can I Get My Stepkids to Listen to Me?

Living in blended families can bring a lot of challenges, including painful feelings that children may not know how to express. Luckily, there are ways to work together when they act out.

What Can I Do About a Teen With an Extra Bad Attitude?

Teenagers are infamous for "bad attitudes," when often it's an outward sign of intense emotions they don't know how to handle. You can help your teenager and here's how.

My Son Misses His Grandparents and Nothing I Say Helps

Missing family members will affect us all during a pandemic holiday season, but our kids especially need support. Here's how to help them through it.

How Can I Handle My Child's Bad Behavior Without Wanting to Scream?

The more calm we are as parents, the less out of control everyone feels, which helps reduce behavior problems in children. But how can we do that? Here's how to shift from being reactive to responsive when our children act out.

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My Kids Are Always Fighting When I'm Not Around, How Do I Stop It?

Siblings are going to fight with or without your intervention. What should you do? Teach them negotiation and conflict resolution skills and then let them practice without you.

My Son Has ADHD, How Do I Help Him With Virtual Learning?

Virtual learning can be challenging for kids with ADHD. But working closely with teachers and developing a plan can help them pay attention and participate in education, as independently as possible.

How Old is Too Old for Siblings to See Each Other Naked?

There is no clear age cutoff for siblings seeing each other naked, but the conversations related to deciding this are a key part of navigating puberty, explains's Ask Your Mom advice columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D.