Back before we had kids (you know, when we really knew what being a parent was all about) we swore there were some things we'd never do. (No TV, no junk food, no Frozen costumes...). We asked Parents readers and staffers which pre-parenting promises they've broken. Let's have a laugh, shall we?

By Erika Janes
January 15, 2016
mom and baby holding pinky fingers

There were the food rules...

"No sweets for our daughter until she went to school and was introduced to them by her classmates. That promise was abandoned at her first birthday when I saw how delighted she was digging in to her birthday cake!" — Lisa Marum, Copy Chief, Parents

"No processed food or special requests! And then the toddler diet started! This week is lunch meat turkey and cap'n crunch. Next week who knows??" — Jami Herring, reader

"Letting them eat food at the grocery store before I bought it. I always hated seeing this until I had 2 screaming kids in the grocery cart, opening that bag of gold fish and letting them eat it as I finish shopping just became easier." — Malia Clayton, reader

"Letting her eat french fries, candy, pizza or anything not organic or with GMOs. That failed pretty fast. At least the first 2 years I can say I did perfectly!" — Crissie Morris, reader

"I always said my kids would not eat french fries. Ha ha, I was crazy then." —Andrea Byrnside Hill, reader

"I swore my kids would never eat McDonald's!!! Or any other fast food...oops!" — Kristina Cornely, reader

...and all those screen-time limits...

"'My kids won't know what screen time is.' Joke is on me with that one!" — Mindy Walker, Executive Editor, Fit Pregnancy and Baby

"Let them watch cartoons. I still limit their time but the only way I get laundry and dishes done these days is when they are watching Paw Patrol or Wild Kratts lol." — Arielle Bishop, reader

"Watch TV before she turned 2. I learned when she was about 1 that mommy sometimes needs a 5 minute break." — Melissa Musall, reader

"dvd player in the car. said it would never happen but it did." —Crysti Burgess Deusterman, reader

"No cell phone to occupy her. Now it is the only thing that keeps her still while changing the diaper." — Stephanie Barnes, reader

"No technology before age 5. By the time she was 2, she already knew how to unlock my phone and tap her favorite apps Now she's almost 7, and she's so computer literate, it blows me away." —Brittany Paxton, reader

"Using my phone for them to watch a show at a restaurant.... It's a godsend lol love it." —Heather Truelove, reader

... cosleeping, paci's and bottles, oh my!

"Cosleeping! I said I would never ever do it! Well, that lasted about 4 weeks.... Sometimes it's the only way my newborn will sleep for more than an hour at a time! And I need rest too!" — Brittney Fehring, reader

"Let them sleep in my bed. Cut to us with a four year old who tells us it's hers, and we just share it." — Kerri Green, reader

"I swore I was never going to bottle feed my kids... Three healthy formula kids later...I am glad I have shared feedings with my other kids and my husband." — Brook E Eagle-Pike, reader

"Co sleeping, and I love it I never want to miss the sleeping giggles and our kids talk in their sleep to each other it's sweet and moments that will only be temporary so I'm enjoying it!" — Spencer Lindy Griffith, reader

"Use a pacifier. I later said I didn't care if my daughter had it in her bridal bouquet. We were both addicted to it." — Ruth Morgan Garren, reader

Of course, our kids were going to be perfectly behaved...

"I swore that my kids would behave in restaurants. The truth is they're not exactly bad, but they are loud, and they bounce up and down in their seat, and lean over onto each other, and play with their straws. I let it pass but sometimes I catch the eye of some childless patron and realize that they think my kids are acting like lunatics. The truth is that when you live with kids, you understand normal kid behavior, but from the outside it looks like madness!" —Jessica Hartshorn, Entertainment Editor, Parents

"I swore I would never let my kids throw fits or misbehave while we are in public. Obviously very preconceived and I'm the crazy mom in the store saying don't touch this don't touch that etc ..." — Hallie Lopez, reader

And we had rules for ourselves, too...

"I will never say 'Because I said so, that's why!' That one went shortly after Emily learned how to speak." —John O'Sullivan, Senior Art Production Manager, Parents

"Buying clothes with characters on them. His closet is now filled with t-shirts adorned with every super hero around." — Charlie Sue, reader

"I was never going to let my daughter be into pink and princesses. ..I now have a 4yr old who loves pink and has every toy,bedding, clothing, ect that has to do w disney princesses." — Kate Murphy-Frank, reader

"I'd swore I would let my baby cry it out and never let my baby sleep in my bed! Well, that didn't happen! I'm so glad I didn't follow my pre-Mom beliefs-whatever works for others may not work for you, and that's okay." — Tiffany Brucculeri, reader

"That I wouldn't breastfeed in front of anyone, not showing my boobs but just breastfeeding in general. Now, I could give a crap! Lol I'll breastfeed anywhere, anything to keep my son happy and fed." — Gabriella Amezcua Mckenzie, reader

"Never yell. But sometimes I catch myself and realize that ye, I am indeed yelling. Nobody's perfect." — Shannon Hascall Reyes, reader

"I swore I would make sure to have 'a little me time' and still go out with my friends. No one really understands how difficult that really is until they have children. It is a luxury that I can only achieve once in a blue moon." — Elizabeth Mutch, reader

"I swore I wouldn't use bribery. Um that didn't last past the age they began to talk and walk." —Terri Wiltshire, reader

"Be one of the moms who wears pj's all day long and doesn't do her hair. Do most mom's really have time for those things? Bc this one doesn't." — April Sweat, reader

"[T]hrowing a 1st bday party. I went ALL OUT after saying for yrs i never would bc the kid won't know what's going on" — Jenny Williams Garten, reader

"Buy a mini van (as I sit in my T&C in line at school )." — Abby Yinko, reader

"That I would not become my mom and say things she did." — Judi Tuzzolino, reader

"Having toys in the family room. My husband reminds me of it all.the.time." — Marilyn Albert, reader

"Lie." — Cheri Wright Kaguah, reader

"Talk about poop." — Jessica Noghrei, reader