Glitter, tutus, and 'tude. Parents of little princesses are all too familiar with these daily realities. And while many girls are more into football than fairy wings, there are certain constants of raising females. We asked Parents readers on Facebook to share what it's really like raising a little girl. We pinky swear you'll get a few giggles out of their answers.

By Melissa Willets
July 05, 2016

1. "Well, three boys and one girl and the boys never stomped little feet and said 'No, I am the boss!' But she gets it from me, so I can't complain." —Stacie Ashby

2. "Don't ever buy glitter!" —Dee White

3. "They'll have an attitude to rival the fiercest of Hollywood divas. But, they will love just as fiercely." —Jaymi Weiss

4. "Both of my girls are very cautions. They differ from their brother in this sense starting from learning to walk to other things like rollerskating or bike riding. My girls take it slow and hold on until they feel confident enough to let go, versus my son [who] dives in and just practices by trial and error." —Natalie Sweet

5. "Dolls, stuffed animals, and toys are not pretend but REAL. They needed to be treated as so, no throwing them in the toy box, they must have a real plate at dinner, [and] you have to hold them like a real baby." —Jill Weiss

6. "I didn't expect to have to tell my 3-year-old to 'knock off her attitude' so often! I thought that would come much later." —Melissa Elizalde

7. "Having girls instead of boys makes you look at yourself and your body image that you've been portraying to your girls as they grow up. Being insecure about your own body & not embracing your own differences has a massive impact on your daughter's self image." —Jessica Voss

8. "Raising two little girls means our fridge is covered in drawings of rainbows, everyday activities are accompanied by impromptu songs and dances, and everyone in my house—including my self-proclaimed 'rugged' husband—knows every My Little Pony character. Laundry is never-ending because even though my 4-year-old likes to explore the outdoors, she doesn't like to get dirty, so she has to change clothes constantly if a speck of dirt or drop of water gets on her. Their emotions run at Level 10, meaning feelings are hurt easily but the next minute you could receive a random intense hug with an 'I'll love you forever,' which makes tackling the huge pile of laundry totally worth it." —Carrie Horn

9. "You will discover more about yourself and your own attitude than you ever thought possible, you have a mini version of you!" —Holly Lundquist

10. "Not every little girl is a pink-loving, tutu-wearing princess. Let them embrace their own personality & let them shine!" —Heather Hall

11. "Well, I know one thing.... u have to know ur colors.... never mix up violet, lilac, mauve, purple, and lavender." —Deepti Rtithor

12. "They love to dance, sing, and twirl all day long (even without music)!" —Laura Gonzalez

13. "The bond between my husband and my daughters; To see them play together, talk, share moments makes me melt. They are in the infancy stages of a lifetime bond that will only get stronger and stronger with time. They don't even realize the enormity of the story they are starting together. It's so sweet to watch their story unfold." —Jennifer Eck

14. "That you're going to hear the phrase 'what a cutie, you'll be in trouble when she's older' way more than you'd like." —Olivia Gill Steadham

15. "It really is a big deal which panties you're gonna wear today. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise!" —Nessa Bailey

16. "Patience is a virtue! Especially with the strong-willed girls!" —Temecia Vitiello

17. "Girls are NOT nice to one another 95% of the time!" —Karen Allen

18. "I've learned that although I see my daughter as a delicate beautiful little girl that I have to shelter from a harsh world, she is strong and confident." —Heather DiPalo Salinas

19. "Girls are intense about everything." —Nicole Burgess

20. "It's amazing how dramatic they can be. Everything is such a big deal, from getting dressed in the morning to one of their sisters looking at them the wrong way. We rarely get through a day without tears (them or me).But they are also so unbelievably sweet and caring (when they want to be). Couldn't imagine life any other way!!" —Erin Wainwright

21. "I am her first teacher and role model. Can't mess that up." —Sharita Gonzalez

22. "My three girls were all born within four years. They feed off of each others' emotions and there can be screaming and crying matches over nothing, but giggles and tickles are so abundant. They are all best friends and constant companions, and they make me laugh every day!" —Abbey Finkelstein

23. "They say raising all girls comes with a lot of drama. That's not exactly a lie, but it also comes with a lot of love, affection, silliness, heart-to-heart talks, and a closeness that is unique as you are helping your daughter learn about what it means to be a woman and all the strength she has within her. Oh and drama. Did I mention drama?" —Debby Linnell

24. "There's enough screaming in my house to sound like we're at a Justin Beiber concert, 24/7." —Jessica Smolink

25. "Raising three girls I have come to realize that girls can do ANYTHING they set their minds to." —Heather Scheunemann