25 Things Only Parents of Boys Will Understand

Sure, every child is unique and special, but there are some universal truths about raising a boy. We asked Parents readers on Facebook to spill the beans on what it's really like to have a little guy in the house (hint: there are lots of kisses—and wet toilet seats).

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1. "I have four boys. They are rough, tough, play in the mud, ruin clothes. They think farting and burping in public is hilarious and anything dealing with bugs, snakes and poop is totally acceptable dinner conversation. You have to let them be boys. They're only little for a short time. But they give the best hugs and kisses!" - Andrea Cunnington

2. "At age 4, your war with Legos is on! You will step on them barefoot, find them in the bottom of your purse, try to keep your younger kids from choking on them, wonder how the heck anyone finds building them enjoyable, and be bewildered at how something so small that they only build once can cost so much." - Nicole Mayer Losier

3. "You will learn the difference between every type of construction vehicle, and you will love it." - Kat Johnen Turner

4. "They seem to learn at an early age to act calm when they are really hurt, nervous, or scared on the inside. I don't know where that comes from, but it's pretty surprising when you realize it." - Kristi Walden Matthews

5. "You never realize how many times you can say, 'Get your hands out of your pants!' in a day until you are a mom of boys!" - Jen Florio

6. "As a mom of one sweet 5-year-old boy, I can say this: He thinks the world begins and end with me. I see how boys have immense pride for their moms. I hope that will not change. Recognize when your son is exhibiting his pride. It reinforces his feelings. His friendships are as important as his toys. Cherish them both with him. Boys get to the point in their argument. They want it. They need it. They have no time for drama so they make their case, which makes for an impatient peanut. Prioritize the true feelings coming out. Not all boys love trucks and dirt all the time. That boy will be a daddy some day. Let them learn to care for a doll if they want. It's ok! Boys go from babies to boys in the blink of an eye. Don't blink!" - Kelly LoCascio

7. "As a mom, I am forced to play 'superheroes' at all hours of the day, which includes kicks, jumps (off of the sofa or any other furniture) and the play punches at me (which actually kind of hurt). ...Also, do not get your toddler son a lightsaber. It's used for everything but an actual lightsaber. It can knock over drinks, used as a golf club to hit toys off of the floor and, best of all, getting hit in the head with it." - Layla Cox

8. "Something only parents of boys understand? Total chaos and constant noise and movement. And they have the uncanny knack of making you want to hit your head against the wall one minute and laugh at them or love on them the next." - Erica Rath Sevilla

9. "As a mom of a 3-year-old and 4-year-old boys, my frequent phrases are 'No hitting,' 'Stop jumping on the couch,' and 'We don't ever throat-punch each other for the 27th time!' But they are the best cuddlers—once they are finally worn out!" - Bailey Griffin

10. "I swear that it took a couple of extra years for a proper pain response to kick in. In fact, now that it finally has (around 5-and-a-half), I can tell he's shocked that cuts hurt and bonks don't feel good, because he cries piteously about the smallest ones, as well as suddenly really caring about shots." - Julia Fryer

11. "For some reason, my son was a natural-born gentleman who is protective of all girls. I've seen him defend classmates and open doors for the little girls as well as for me and his grandmother. My daughter, on the other hand, expects him to do these things for her. Boys are protectors, and I think only a mom with boys could see that." - Julissa Jewlz Narvaez

12. "Only parents of boys know that any object can become a 'shooter' and any place (church, doctor's office, cemetery, etc.) can be a jungle gym that's meant to be climbed. Oh, and potty jokes are the best kinds of jokes." - Beth Breckenfeld Hartzell

13. "As a mom of three boys (9, 5 and 3 years), I can say there will be pee. No matter how hard you train, they will still miss from time to time. But a great part is they can go anywhere. On a hike? No worries, they will find a tree." - Aimee Herman

14. "The whirlwind of living with 7- and 10-year-old boys is mind boggling. They are world-class sound effect masters. There is perpetual motion of arms, legs, feet, mouths, elbows, and armpits. There is always dirt, tree climbing, video games, and running. Regularly in my dryer I find things like acorns, rocks, and Lego heads. And just when you think they will never be functioning relatable members of society because of the unbrushed teeth, unfinished homework, and aversion to pants, they get it together, give you a swift kiss on the cheek, a tender hug, and present you with a freshly picked magnolia from the tree in the front yard, and win your heart all over again." - Jill DiNapoli Simon

15. "I'm a mother of three boys and one thing I've learned is if it's broken they will try to fix it. They like taking things apart and putting them back together." - Michelle Kaiser

16. "Always check pant pockets before you wash them, unless you don't mind a washer full of rocks and/or dead bugs." - Amy Carroll Bennett

17. "That despite all your attempts to prevent your boys getting hurt, they're gonna set up ramps to jump bikes, climb trees, poke at bees' nests... You name it, they'll do it. So just stock up on Neosporin and Band-Aids." - Sharon Montney

18. "As a mom of two boys, I have found that although I may not have all the answers, the bond between mother and son is undeniable. While daddy is their super hero, their day must begin and end with their mommy. And although I may get tumbled over, pounced on, or even lose to the force of the saber, I know that at the end of the day, my efforts of keeping up with them are rewarded with nothing but sweet love." - Sara Stoops

19. "My boy challenges me to look at life in a different way. With my daughter, I trust my intuition and my knowledge of 'being a girl' to guide me. With my son, I have to take leaps of faith the way he leaps off of high places!" - Traci Wells

20. "People always think that boys are full of energy, noise, and busyness, while that's all true, what you may not know is that they are also sensitive, tender, and loving. They want to be around you and imitate you, so I say let them. These boys today will turn out to be men tomorrow, and leading them to be good men that are sensitive and good listeners is something this human race needs." - Mandy Larson Merriss

21. "I have five boys and have learned that not only is everything a challenge, but it's also a competition. Whoever can get to the door 15 minutes early to wait for the bus, whoever can get to the table first whether dinner is ready or not, whoever can fold a shirt the fastest—everything is a competition!" - Megan Koren

22. "I am a mother of two daughters and nana of three boys between them, ages 5 and 2 1/2. I have discovered that to make them happy in many situations, either feed them or take off their pants. This seems to follow through to adulthood, based on living with their papa for 36 years." - Barbara Wilson

23. "Making ramps for their bicycles does not have to be taught. They just know. And there is no stopping them." - Kasey King

24. "That pants mysteriously disappear to all corners of the universe. Seriously, where do they go? Also, that poop apparently makes acceptable finger paint." - Kiera Johnson

25. "They'll always be dirty, be silly, do things that make you want to pull your hair out, scare you, and make you second guess if you really know what you're doing. Then at night, they will cuddle up close, want to hold your hand, and tell you you're beautiful. It's just their way of confirming your insecurities are wrong and you are doing the whole mom thing right." - Ashley Bagwill

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