25 Little White Lies We've Told Our Kids

We asked Parents editors and readers to share the funniest fibs they've used to fool their kids. And let's just say, there's a lot of lying about the ice cream truck and TV shows. But hey, we're not judging! 

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1. "I tell my kids when the ice cream truck plays its song it is out of ice cream." —Michelle Barneck, blogger, A Little Tipsy

2. "When my 3 year old's beta fish died, I took her to the pet section at Walmart, pointed to a similar fish, and said, 'What's Troy doing here? Come on, Troy; we're taking you back home.'" —Jennifer Stone, reader

3. "We tell our son he'll have to drive a little Smart car if he doesn't eat his vegetables because he'll be too little for a big car." —Alyssa Andrews, reader

4. "I tell my kids who can't read yet a sign in a store says, 'No arguing.' Or 'No whining.'" —Melissa Willets, Parents.com contributor

5. "Sorry, kids. We can't watch Barney, that one's broken." —Samantha Lowe Wayment, reader

6. "I told my daughter the tooth fairy was delayed by Hurricane Sandy, after forgetting her dollar several nights in a row. Since then, the tooth fairy has also been subject to ice storms, heavy cloud cover, and heat stroke. She's super flaky." —Jessica Feesler Maag, reader

7. "I wasn't talking about you." —Diane Debrovner"¨, Deputy Editor, Parents

8. "I told my 5 year old she couldn't eat cake 30 minutes before bed or she might get nightmares...now everytime she eats cake she asks what time is it." —Brittany Schnicker, reader

9. "My husband and I co-sleep with our 4 year old. And when we want to be romantic one of us will pretend that we are so sick we may throw up so he should go sleep in his room. Without hesitation he usually leaves right away. One night he really didn't want to go so he got me a bucket and said, 'just puke here and not on me.' Needless to say, no romance that night." —Stephanie Beatriz Buerer, reader

10. "I tell my son that when he lies a red dot appears on his forehead that only his parents can see. It only goes away when he tells the truth!"—Samantha Sykes, reader

11. "You're allergic to McDonald's/Oreos/fruit punch." —Amnah Ibrahim, blogger, Little Life of Mine

12. "I don't think we have KidzBop Radio anymore." —Kara Corridan, Health Director, Parents

13. "If you touch the Christmas Tree, you'll take its magic and Santa won't be able to find us...." —Jesse Laing, reader

14. "'That TV show isn't on today.' (Cause Mama will go nuts if she has to watch it again)." —Allison MacDonald, reader "¨

15. "I've pulled out the 'I'm going to have to tell your teacher' threat for things I had no intention of contacting the teacher about." —Jessica Hartshorn"¨, Senior Lifestyle Editor, American Baby

16. "When I sneak a snack and they ask what's in my mouth, I say 'green beans.'" —Krista Lemire, reader

17. "At night I tell my 3 year old that the sun won't come back up if he doesn't go to sleep." —Jennifer Rea, reader

18. "On the morning after Halloween the candy fairy comes and eats all of your leftover candy." —Chandra Turner, Executive Editor, Parents

19. "If I'm eating something I don't want my son to have, I tell him it's spicy." —Jessica Schulz, reader

20. "I tell my kids that the Elf on a Shelf doesn't move unless your room is clean." —Jennifer Denton, reader

21. "Caillou went away. Forever. Sorry!" —John O'Sullivan, Senior Art Production Manager, Parents

22. "Chuck E. Cheese is next door to a popular second hand store for kids. My two year old thinks the toy section in the back of the second hand store is Chuck E. Cheese. I haven't corrected her yet." —Chantal Duval, reader

23. "I have my 5 year old, 7 year old and 8 year old stepdaughter convinced the smoke detectors are actually santa-cams. He's always watching, in every room." —Kadee Puffenbarger, reader

24. "If you eat all of your pasta, your hair will grow longer." —Alice Choi, blogger, Hip Foodie Mom

25. "When my daughter was 3, I used to tell her the park had closing hours lol." —Agnes Chamberlain, reader

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