On a good day, being a parent can make you feel like Super-mom or Bat-dad. On a bad day? Not so much. But what if you possessed a special skill that could make any day better? We asked Parents editors and readers what they'd ask for if they could have any parenting superpower (#wishfulthinking!). Which of these do you want?

Mom and Child in Superhero Costumes
Credit: Robert Daly/Getty Images

1. "Sibling Rivalry Shifter: Replaces arguing and tension with laughter and hugs." — Amnah Ibrahim, blogger, Little Life of Mine

2. "I would do ANYthing for the power to make my kids do what I ask the first time." — Kara Corridan, Parents Health Director"¨

3. "The power to reason and persuade a toddler who otherwise would be kicking and screaming in the middle of the mall." — Jacqueline Detsch, reader

4. "I wish I had lie detection so I know exactly when to back my kids up and when to straighten them up. I could also use diaper-incinerating eyes." — Michelle Barneck, blogger, A Little Tipsy

5. "The ability to run on no sleep at full energy constantly. Also to be able to go invisible I might pee in piece then lol." — Amanda Gentle, reader

6. "Definitely the ability to get a child not just in bed but asleep in just 5 minutes." — Jessica Hartshorn, American Baby Senior Lifestyle Editor

7. "Thick Feet to withstand stepping on Legos and Matchbox cars. I asked my husband this question and he responded instantly with 'Deafness.' :-)" — Julia Brasington, Blogger, Happy Home Fairy

8. "Produce Power: The ability to make vegetables as craveable as candy." — Jenna Helwig, Parents Food Editor

9. "I'd want a super power to always feel good. Or to never get grouchy." — April Gaietto, reader

10. "The power to remove gum from hair with just the touch of my hand." — Alice Choi, blogger, Hip Foodie Mom

11. "The ability to get my child to tell me all about her day instead of responding 'Nothing' when I ask." — Diane Debrovner"¨, Parents Deputy Editor

12. "Telepathy, it would definitely help with explaining things and the language barrier in the first few years." — Nicholas Pleasant, reader

13. "If I could have a super power I would want the power of a super organizer! I couldn't fight crime, but I could fight a messy house one room at a time!" — Jen Burg, Blogger, The Suburban Mom

14. "Every time my girls are in pain I wish I could take it over." — Natali Arbilla, reader

15. "Hypnosis." —Adrienne Monaco, reader