Only other moms and dads can truly understand what these parenting moments feel like.

laughing mom playing with baby girl on bed
Credit: Sam Diephuis/Getty Images

2. When You Do Something Dumb Just to Make Your Baby Laugh

Your baby's gurgled giggles make your heart melt into a giant mushy pool of love, so you find yourself pretending to sneeze for hours on end just to hear it. If anyone catches you? Um, bad allergies of course. Yep, even in December.

3. When Your Kid Has a Public Meltdown

How can such a small, cute body make such large, horrible sounds?! And such a big scene. You're so totally embarassed by your demon spawn and what you're sure others must judge as your serious lack of discipline skills that you consider putting your purse over your head.

4. When Your Kid Mimics You for the First Time

Seeing or hearing yourself embodied in your mini-me is hilarious—and a little bit mortifying. It's always funny to watch kids mimic grown-ups, but is that really how you look when grocery shopping? Um, probably. At least in his eyes, and maybe to anyone in a 10-foot radius.

5. The First Time Your Kid Says "I Hate You"

Sure, when your son was 2 you were his "bestest" friend, but now that he's 9 and you won't buy him a hoverboard? Well, clearly you've ruined his life forever. Even though you know he doesn't really mean it, as your son screams "I hate you!" for the first time and storms off, it's like a dagger in your heart, worse than any break-up you ever had. The good news? That won't be the only time he says it—by the end of his teenage years, you'll have heard it so many times you'll be desensitized.

6. When You Realize Your Kid Doesn't Want to Hold Your Hand in Public Anymore

Feeling chubby little fingers grasping yours as you walk to the park is super sweet and makes you feel like your child's biggest protector, literally leading her way through life. But then, one day, you reach for her hand and she doesn't reach back. Confusion turns to dismay when you realize she doesn't want her friends at the park to see her holding your hand. She's a big kid now.

7. When Your Kid Calls You by Your Actual Name for the First Time

Your preschooler hears everyone else calling you Jennifer, so it totally makes sense that eventually he'll connect that "Mommy" is not your actual first name (though will his friends calling you "Mikey's Mommy" all the time, you might think that's your new moniker). But the first time Jennifer comes out of his mouth as he tries to get your attention? Laugh-out-loud startling and so, so cute.

8. When Your Kid "Parents" You With Your Own Words of Wisdom

You've told your kid a thousand times that nobody's perfect. "It's okay to make mistakes, everybody does," you say. "What's important is how we learn from them." But when you knock over the freshly opened milk carton and a gallon of white liquid waterfalls off the kitchen counter and all over the floor—and you're already late for work—you're not so forgiving of yourself. Then your little one pipes up, parroting your own words back at you, verbatim. He has been listening! Suddenly the spilled milk is the best thing ever.

9. When You Realize Your Kid Has a Life at School You Don't Know About

While dropping off cookies for the school bake sale you peek into the lunchroom and see your child animatedly interacting with her classmates. What are they talking about?! Who is that girl sitting next to her who seems to be her BFF? OMG, this is what happens every day, you realize. For six hours Monday through Friday she's off in this world without you, and despite trying like mad to get her to share details of her day, you'll never completely know the life she has inside those school walls.

10. When You Cuddle With Your Kid After She's Asleep Just Because You Missed Her

You might beg for more "me time," but after a night out with your buds, you just have to peek into your kiddo's room to see her sweet face. Yes, you had fun, but you missed bedtime snuggles... It's okay to crawl in bed next to her for just a few minutes, right? As she snuggles you back in her sleep and throws her arm around you, you can't imagine being anywhere else.