10 Hilarious Things Our Kids Have Said About Pooping

Kids say the darndest things...especially when it comes to potty talk, bathroom humor, and bodily functions. We asked Parents staffers and Facebook fans to share the funny (and yes, cringe-worthy) things they kids have said about poop.

10 Hilarious Things Our Kids Have Said About Pooping

1. "Mommy, come quick! Come quick! It's an emergency! You have to see this! My poop is SOOO big!" — Krista Davidson

2. "Look, it's like a chicken!" — Rebecca Lyn Minarik

3. [Stares at toilet] "That's going to plug it up." — Jill Tille

4. "I have to do cookies." — Melissa Willets

5. "Yup, tiny little poopie balls as usual!" — Hollee Actman Becker

6. "I think I’m having a baby." — Mindy Walker

7. "Papa…the turtle peeked!" — Ilsa Bruins

8. "I don't know WHAT just happened." — Jessica Hartshorn

9. "Eew it stinks so bad! Hurry up mommy I'm suffocating in here!" —Kelly Wagner

10. "'Eat it!' [I was in the kitchen cooking quesadillas and I couldn't find my spatula so I turn around to see my son crouching on the floor using the spatula to scoop up his poop!]" — Katie Garcia