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Even the seasoned parent needs a little help dealing with common parenting issues. We've got a great go-to guide full of tips and advice for all those challenging situations.

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I'm a Dad and a Family Mediator: Here Are 5 Tips for Being a Better Communicator

Communication issues among family members are common. We can improve our personal relationships by getting back to the basics. Here are ways to resolve conflict in a constructive way.

How to Help Your Kid Deal With the Disappointment of Not Having a Sibling

Kids may ask for a younger sister or brother at various phases of life. Here's how to support them through the disappointment of not having a sibling when they really want one.

I'm a Mom and a Routine Expert: Here Are 5 Ways to Plan a Happier Life

Happiness is well within your reach and can be achieved through intentional actions and everyday routines. Here are a few principles that will help parents live a joyful life one routine at a time.

My Teen is Embarrassed by Me And I Don't Know What to Do

It is normal for teenagers to be embarrassed by their parents, but difficult feelings and behaviors need to be addressed within the context of a close relationship. Building and maintaining this closeness takes creativity and persistence, and often, our own self-awareness.

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How to Apologize to Your Kids the Right Way—And Why It's Important

Combine a stressful pandemic year with an abundance of together-time and parenting mistakes are inevitable. But often we overlook the importance of saying "I'm sorry" to children.

Neighborhood Kids Are Alienating My Child—What Can I Do?

Social connection is important for a child's development. But what happens when a kid is being left out? Here's how to navigate this tricky situation and help your little one build a healthy social life.

I'm a Mom and Proud to Be a Black Female Business Owner: Here's How I Schedule My Day

Being a working mom means wearing many hats: caretaker, career woman, chef, cleanup crew. Here's a day in the life of Kindra Hanson-Okafor, mom of two and a small-business co-owner.