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How Can I Get My Kid to Stop Being Defensive Whenever He's at Fault?

Strong emotions can be a lot for young brains to handle, so we need to help our kids by staying in control of ours. Here's how to keep our own emotions in check while helping our little ones correct their behavior.

5 Ways to Decode Your Child's Love Language

The book The 5 Love Languages was initially aimed at couples, but parents can learn a few things from it, too.

I'm a Mom and an Etiquette Expert: Here's What I'm Teaching My Kid About Manners in a Pandemic

Being polite and treating others with kindness matters more than ever in this time of COVID-19. Here are some rules I teach my kid to live by during these trying times.

How Do I Get My Child to Stop Repeating Bad Behavior From Others?

Kids are master mimics and it can be easy for them to pick up unpleasant behaviors, especially when others have them repeat them for laughs. Here are ways to navigate that tricky situation.

I'm a Mom and a Pediatrician: Here Are 8 Things I Want You to Know About COVID-19

Pandemic fatigue is a thing, but with the vaccine so close to being available to all, here is how to get through the next few months as safely as possible.

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How Can I Get My Stepkids to Listen to Me?

Living in blended families can bring a lot of challenges, including painful feelings that children may not know how to express. Luckily, there are ways to work together when they act out.

8 Little Ways to Help Your Child Be More Empathetic

Empathy is an important component of a child’s social-emotional development—and as it turns out, the ability to better understand the feelings of others is something you can teach as a parent.