25 Things Only Parents of Girls Understand

Glitter, tutus, and 'tude. Parents of little princesses are all too familiar with these daily realities. And while many girls are more into football than fairy wings, there are certain constants of raising females. We asked Parents readers on Facebook to share what it's really like raising a little girl. We pinky swear you'll get a few giggles out of their answers.


My girl, she can burp and fart and swear with my son. She can keep up no problem. [MUSIC] Let them go through the princess phase Let them due the pretty, pretty, pretty thing.>> You see their girly side and their sporty side and it's just great.>> My daughter was Cinderella her entire third year. In the full costume. She's also very much into pink and sparkles and princesses. [BLANK_AUDIO] There's a lot of emotions That come with girls.>> Now the motions of it all are a little bit traumatizing. Because a lot of drama.>> We high five each other if she makes it through the day without crying. We really do. [LAUGH] Because she just has to have that daily release. I had to ban the Disney channel when my daughter was like, you're ruining my life. And I'm like, you don't even have a life, the life I gave you, are you kidding me? Okay, no more Disney channel for you, no more Disney channel. [MUSIC] Well, parenting a girl means a lot more clothes You know that she's beautiful, you feel bad and you wanna do something and you wanna tell her 800 times and put post the notes up and I give her poems and books to read like no you're amazing, you're powerful watch this video. [MUSIC] Good twirl to start your day, to finish your day. You have to have a girl who really understand that. Some girls really do seem to have like. An inborn thing of wanting to help you. That's the beauty of girls you know it's just like women we have so many layers. And so many sides. [MUSIC] The best thing about raising a girl is the shopping excuses hello? She's not necessarily gonna be a mini me she might be very different from you but you guys can really be friends She will turn to you. Especially when they're young, they turn to you with some big questions. It's fun to be able to answer. You know, just doing things together with another female spirit is always just great. The kind of messages you can part to your child, your daughter, about how she looks and how she should think about her own body Relationship with food, and you have a mad amount of power with a daughter, to really raise someone who's gonna be healthy and love herself. And I think that's an amazing responsibility. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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