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Want to become a better parent? Learn what you can do to help your child have better manners, habits, and behaviors with these parenting secrets.

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3 Ways I Teach My Kids to Embrace Their Culture

Growing up half Asian and half white, I dealt with racism and sometimes felt insecure about my features. But now I'm teaching my kids to be proud of where they came from and how they look.

My Eldest Child is Jealous Of How Much Attention I Give Her Younger Sibling With Special Needs

Raising a child with special needs affects the whole family, and siblings often struggle with jealousy.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., shares some simple strategies parents can follow to help a sibling feel important, connected, and their own unique brand of special.

Parenting With Cancer Taught Me How to Stop Feeling Guilty For Things I Can't Do

I didn't think I could survive being diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant (not to mention the 13-month-old son I had at home), but getting through that year left me with an invaluable perspective on parenting during such a difficult time.

I Never Wanted to Ask My Mom For Advice But It's Made Me a Better Parent

Growing up, I always felt my child psychologist mother over-analyzed my behavior. When I became a mom, I avoided asking for her opinion at all costs. That was until I realized how much I needed it.

I'm a Mom and a Negotiation Trainer: Here's How to Negotiate So Everyone Wins at Home

I've spent a decade teaching people how to get what they need at work through negotiation. But during the pandemic, I learned just how valuable these skills could be for another set of clients: my spouse and kids.

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10 Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child, According to Experts

In a time when heartbreaking news headlines and polarizing posts clog our social media feeds, it's never been more important to raise a child who is aware of and kind to others. Here's how to start.

I'm Jealous That My Adopted Child Wants to Meet Her Birth Parents—How Can I Cope?

Although adoption brings up unique parenting challenges, all parents struggle with balancing difficult emotions with our child's best interest. Processing strong emotions, connecting with our child's experience, and accessing support can help us keep our child's interest ahead of our own when that is indeed what is best for them.

Can I Keep in Contact With My Ex-Husband's Family Even If He Doesn't Want Me To?

Divorce is messy and complicated for everyone in the family it touches. Figuring out a new normal for you and your kids is part of the process of grieving the loss of family as you knew it, and everyone sacrifices. Keeping family connections is best, but it may have to look different, and change with time.