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Want to become a better parent? Learn what you can do to help your child have better manners, habits, and behaviors with these parenting secrets.

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I'm a Teen and I'm Terrified to Be Back in School in a Pandemic

Teens understand more of the risks of COVID-19 exposure than younger children, so their concerns around entering crowded hallways and classrooms are very real. In this week's 'Teen Talk," a high school freshman shares her concerns and an expert weighs in how parents can help alleviate them.

Why Being A Middle Child Will Help Me Be a Better Parent

I had no idea how much growing up as a middle child would benefit me on my journey through parenthood. It's just the beginning for me, but I'm already using valuable lessons I learned in my childhood to raise my kids.

How to Parent with a Partner When You Can't Agree on a Parenting Style

Opposing parenting styles aren't uncommon, but they can certainly cause problems. Here are some simple ways partners can work through this parenting hiccup.

5 Easy Ways to Be A Better Listener to your Child

We’re all guilty of getting distracted when our kids want to talk to us, but experts say that offering our undivided attention is one of the most important things we can do as parents. Here’s how to shift your mindset so that you can truly tune in.

Should I Let My Teen Travel With Her Boyfriend's Family?

There is no right answer, but you need to consider your comfort level with the family, your teen, and their relationship, says's Ask Your Mom advice columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D. She shares what to consider before you let them go.

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Children ask lots of questions, but now it’s time to turn the tables. Here are 63 fun “get-to know-you” questions for kids to get a conversation started.

Is It Okay for Your Kids to See You Naked?

Many parents struggle with whether or not family nudity is acceptable. Don't worry, experts say it is, but there are still important things parents need to consider.

It's Natural for Teens to Want to Party, Even During a Pandemic—Here's How to Convince Them Not To

As time and the pandemic continues, teens, like everyone else, are developing a serious case of cabin fever. In this week's 'Teen Talk' column, a college student explains why teens are partying despite safety concerns and an expert shares what parents can do to protect them from COVID-19.