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Florida Man Mentors At-Risk, Fatherless Children by Teaching Them To Fish
Take a Kid Fishing Inc. puts new meaning to the "teach a man to fish" trope by using fishing as a tool to reach underprivileged youth.
Parents Are Quitting Social Media For the Holidays and Not Looking Back
Social media comparison is a real thing and it can make parenting even harder—particularly during the holidays. Experts weigh in on why sometimes it's nice to take a break from social media, especially when 'tis the season to be with the ones who matter most.
I'm a Mom and a Pediatrician: Here's How I'm Preparing My Family For Cold and Flu Season This Year
Dr. Mona Amin, the mom and pediatrician behind @pedsdoctalk, offers tips for parents to prepare and get through cold and flu season.
My Outgoing Child is Suddenly Shy—How Can I Encourage Her To Be More Social With Friends?
Parents often stress about kids and social skills, so it can be helpful to remember that social styles can look really different across ages and personalities, and still be healthy and typical.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says the key is to support our children in growing their social skills in a way that matches what feels natural to them.
How Can I Help My Child Defend Himself Against Bullies Without Fighting Back?
Aggression leads to more social problems over the long term.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says teaching children the power of assertiveness skills can protect them from bullying and help them build stronger, healthier social relationships now and in their future.

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My Child Feels Left Out When Her Friends Post Photos Together On Social Media
Social media amplifies the normal growing pains of young friendships.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says this experience gives us the chance to coach our children to develop healthy boundaries and coping, for the digital world and the real world.
I'm a Mom and a Family Photographer: Here are the Secrets to Getting the Best Family Photos
Family photos don't have to be as stressful as you think. A professional photographer and mother of four offers simple tips to get family pictures you'll cherish forever.

Mom Adds Community Fridge in Front of Her Restaurant: 'It's a Teachable Moment to Talk About Hunger'

A community fridge outside of the East Village restaurant S'MAC teaches a neighborhood of kids how to be there for friends and neighbors in need.