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How Do I Set Social Media Boundaries With My Tween?
When it comes to kids and social media, Parents Ask Your Mom columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., suggests working together to set up reasonable family rules and expectations.
How Do I Help My Kid Get Ready for Sleepaway Camp?
Sleepaway camp can be the perfect opportunity for our children to build confidence, independence, and resilience. Parents Ask Your Mom columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says if we can manage our own worries and show them we trust they can take on a new experience, kids are more likely to thrive.
I'm a Mom and a Music Teacher: Here's How I Nurture My Children's Love for Music
Music has so many benefits for kids and getting them involved can be simple. Here's what one mom and music teachers recommends.
My Phone Was My Connection to My Dying Father, But I Had to Put It Away to Reconnect With My Kids
Wracked with grief at the loss of a parent to COVID, one mom realizes she has to disconnect from the constant buzz of technology to help her kids and learn to cope with the fallout as a family.
Comedian and New Mom Iliza Shlesinger Hilariously Shows the Best Bad Advice New Moms Receive
In an all too relatable new ad from Willow featuring comedian and new mom Iliza Shlesinger, an expectant mom is subjected to unhelpful tips from well-meaning family and friends. The new campaign urges new parents to know that they deserve better.
How Do I Handle My Tween's Tantrums?
Arguing and negotiating rules is a healthy and normal part of being a tween, but Parents Ask Your Mom columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says there are ways parents can respond to support their growth.

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Why You Should Talk to Your Kids About Alcohol Sooner Than You Think
Kids are observant and learn behaviors by watching and listening to us. Establishing healthy conversations around alcohol use will help them understand the dangers and responsibilities associated with drinking.
I'm a Mom and the Founder of a Photo App: Here Are 6 Moments Every New Parent Should Capture
Every busy parent has moments they regret not catching on camera. A photo app founder explains what parents should actually focus on.
Help! Kid Chaos Makes Me Yell

We all know yelling doesn't calm the kid chaos. Parents Ask Your Mom columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., shares some strategies and mindfulness techniques to help parents curb the yelling.