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This is How Sibling Dynamics Can Change as Your Kids Grow Up

In this week's 'Teen Talk' column, a young adult explains how his relationship with his older sister changed as they got older, and what parents can do to foster healthy long-term friendships between their kids.
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How My Idea of Masculinity Is Shaped by Living With Teen Boys

Everyone processes emotions differently, but the old tropes of traditional masculinity are being redefined by a new generation. In this week's 'Teen Talk' column, a teen shares how she's seen the idea of masculinity evolve.
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Should I Let My Son's Stepfather Adopt Him?

There's a lot to consider when making child custody decisions.'s 'Ask Your Mom' advice columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says there are things for parents to consider to make sure their kids have the support they need.
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Mentors for Young Boys May Be the Answer to Countering Toxic Masculinity

While we continue to empower young girls, we may be leaving boys behind. But research shows they are taking their own lives and committing crimes at higher rates. Mentorship may be the help they need.
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Teens Aren’t Celebrating ‘No Class’ During the Coronavirus Outbreak—This Is How We Really Feel

Sports. Graduations. Proms. As schools close across the country, a teen shares what it’s like for older kids navigating all the unknowns that come with an unprecedented pandemic in this week’s ‘Teen Talk’ column. 
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63 Fun Questions to Get Your Kid Talking

Children ask questions—lots of questions. But you can turn the tables! Here are 63 fun suggestions to get a conversation started.
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10 Life Skills to Teach Your Child by Age 10

Your child is more capable than you realize. Even your preschooler can begin to learn these essential life lessons.
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Do I Get Involved in My Daughter-In-Law's Relationship With Her Parents?

It may be tempting to help in-laws navigate their relationships.'s 'Ask Your Mom' advice columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., explains how you can be a source of support while not becoming part of the problem.