The Best Parenting Quotes About Sleep

Everyone knows you're not supposed to wake a sleeping baby, that is, if you can get Baby to sleep in the first place. Enjoy these LOL-worthy sleep quotes only parents can understand.

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I'm a walking zombie and I think I'm going to be like that for a while.

- Tiffani Thiessen

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They eat, they crap, they sleep, and if they're crying they need to do one of the three and they're having trouble doing it. Real simple.

- Matthew McConaughey

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Everyone should have kids. They are the greatest joy in the world. But they are also terrorists. You'll realize this as soon as they are born and they start using sleep deprivation to break you.

- Ray Romano

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Baby Sleep: Get the Facts

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They tell you that at his age, all they do is eat, sleep, and poop. And what I've learned is they can actually do all three at the same time. Who knew?

- Josh Duhamel

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I feel everything more deeply. Every action I take, I think of her first. That's a big change for me. That - and no sleep!

— Jenna Dewan-Tatum

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First thing in the morning, we're really tired, and we look at each other and we wonder, 'Are we ever going to get sleep?' And yet, it doesn't matter if you don't get sleep. It's an honor to take care of them.

- Angelina Jolie

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Embrace it. Especially because of the lives we live, a lot of times other people have to care for [our kids] and you have to have that mommy time, Get your sleep!

- Jennifer Hudson

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My aunt [gave me the best advice]: Put her to sleep yourself every night. Sing to her and cradle her in your arms and sit by her side - every night. Because one day you won't be able to.

- Salma Hayek

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Baby Sleep: The Importance of Self-Soothing

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Yes, my kids come first, but as a parent I need to come to them with a fresh mind. I can't be too exhausted or too tired. And I am a better parent [when] I have more energy.

- Molly Ringwald

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People who say they sleep like a baby don't have one.

- Leo J. Burke

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The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child.

- Joe Houldsworth

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Kiss your children goodnight, even if they are already asleep.

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year olds.

- JoJo Jensen