People Are Getting This Symbol Tattooed After Adoptions and This Is What It Means

The triangle intertwined with a heart is a symbol for both domestic and international adoptions.

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Every parent's journey to adopting a little one is as unique as their family. And while moms and dads may be thrilled to share the details of their experience with others, it doesn't hurt to lean on art to tell a story, as well. As evidenced by a recent viral post on Reddit, many parents have taken to getting a tattoo of a special symbol for both domestic and international adoptions: a triangle intertwined with a heart.

According to the Adoption Network Law Center, the Birth Family, the Adoptive Family and the Adoptee each represent one side of the triangle and the heart intertwining each side of the triangle represents the love that is involved in an adoption. They point out that the symbol is often used not only in tattoos but artwork, jewelry, and on clothing.

The Redditor who shared this info posted a photo of her adoption tattoo, explaining, "I just learned last year about the Adoption symbol. This is my variation. It's a messy heart because my adoption story is messy. Purple and Green are my favorite colors."

Other parents chimed in and expressed their affection for and experience with the symbol.

One wrote, "I love how you personalized it! I adopted my sons and wear a necklace everyday with their initials and the adoption symbol. A few years ago a waitress at our fave restaurant asked about our family, then said she was adopted and showed us her adoption symbol tattoo. That was the first time I learned about the symbol."

Another shared, "I love your design! My adoptive parents and I all got the symbol tattooed in 2015."

Here are just a few interpretations that have popped up on social media.

The meaningful symbol is clearly one cherished by many. What a beautiful way for pay tribute to adoption, for both parents and children alike.

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