16 Books About Adoption for Kids

Help kids understand what it means to be adopted with these thoughtful books, which feature important lessons about love and family dynamics.

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Looking to explain adoption to your kid? Consider picking up one of these children's books, which tackle the topic in an age-appropriate way. The authors tactfully discuss family dynamics, share touching stories of love, and feature adorable characters to help kids understand what it means to be adopted.

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Some Babies Are Adopted

Some Babies Are Adopted book
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Written by Cindy Walker

This story is told from the perspective of a birth mother, who searchers for a loving couple to adopt her child. It shows that people often have the best intentions when choosing adoption for their little one.

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I've Loved You Since Forever

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Written by Hoda Kotb

I've Loved You Since Forever was penned by Today show co-anchor Hoda Kotb, who has two adopted daughters. The lyrical text details the love between a parent and child, and it's complete with adorable animal visuals by Suzie Mason.

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And That's Why She's My Mama

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Written by Tiarra Nazario

This children’s adoption story explores the loving tasks that mamas perform (kissing your boo-boos, taking you to the park, etc.). It shows that someone can be a parent without birthing you!

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We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families

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Written by Todd Parr

Written in a kid-friendly way, this book explores how people can come together through adoption. Cheery, colorful artwork depicts a wide range of different family structures.

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All About Adoption: How Families Are Made & How Kids Feel About It

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Written by Dr Marc A Nemiroff, Ph.D. and Jane Annunziata, Psy.D.

Does your child already understand the concept of adoption? Then pick up this informative book, which provides a deeper understanding of how the adoption process works and the complex feelings many children experience after being adopted.

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Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey

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Written by Kelly DiBenedetto, Katie Gorczyca, and Jennifer Eckert

This adoption book is also a go-to for children in foster care. Narrator Charlie shares his thoughts and emotions while growing up with adoptive parents, including his challenges with building trust, establishing identity, and more. Parents will benefit from included conversation tips, family activity recommendations, and other resources.

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ABC, Adoption & Me

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Written by Gayle H. Swift and Casey Anne Swift

Previously named a favorite read by Adoptive Families magazine, this ABC definition book doesn't shy away from discussing the complex issues that often come with adoption. It's packaged together with inclusive cartoon artwork.

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Happy Adoption Day!

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Written by John McCutcheon

American folk musician John McCutcheon wrote a song called Happy Adoption Day, and he adapted it into this unique adoption book for kids. The verses come with musical notation and colorful illustrations.

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Emma's Yucky Brother

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Written by Jean Little

Emma's family adopts a young boy named Max, who thinks that all sisters are yucky. As the new siblings begin to understand each other, Emma learns what it's really like to have a little brother. This unique, heartwarming story might be relatable to families going through similar experiences.

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All Together Now

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Written by Anita Jeram

Mommy Rabbit has three children—Bunny, Little Duckling, and Miss Mouse—and only one of them is a rabbit too! This family of different animals shares a story of love, family, and togetherness.

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Little Miss Spider

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Written by David Kirk

After Miss Spider hatches, she can't find her mother anywhere. Betty Beetle helps with the search, and she eventually adopts Miss Spider herself, proving that parental love can look many different ways.

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Yes, I'm Adopted!

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Written by Sharlie Zinniger

Written from a child's point of view, this book depicts an entire adoption journey, and it leans heavily into a focus on love. Kids will appreciate the fun rhyming verse! Note that it has religious undertones with mentions of God and prayer.

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The Little Green Goose

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Written by Adele Sansone

Mr. Goose wants to be a father, and when he finds an abandoned egg, he hatches it to discover a baby dinosaur. The green-skinned creature questions his identify but realizes that Mr. Goose is a loving, kind adoptive parent.

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Why Was I Adopted?

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Written by Carole Livingston

Adopted children have plenty of questions. Perhaps the biggest: "Why was I adopted?" This story explains the circumstances surrounding adoption, helping eliminate confusion while encouraging open communication.

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Oliver: A Story About Adoption

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Written by Lois Wickstrom

After a lizard names Oliver is reprimanded by his father, he begins wishing for his birth parents. This prompts his adoptive parents to discuss their own childhood fantasies, and Oliver realizes that he's lucky to have supportive and kind caregivers in his life.

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A Mother for Choco

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Written by Keiko Kasza

A bird named Choco wants to find his mother, but he doesn't come across anyone who looks similar to him. Mrs. Bear discovers the upset Choco and comforts him like a parent would. Choco meets her other kids, including a piglet and alligator, and realizes that families comes in all different sizes. He accepts Mrs. Bear as his mother although they don't resemble one another.

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