Parenting Your Adopted Child

Now that your adopted child is home, you may find yourself in some new and unexpected situations. Here's some advice for navigating trouble spots.

When Should We Tell Our Child That He Was Adopted?

Find the right time to discuss this sensitive subject.

Level of Involvement for Birth Parents

Here's what you need to know about the involvement of birth parents after your adoption is complete.

When One Child Is Adopted and the Other Isn't

These 4 must-know tips will help your family mesh no matter what your circumstances.

Adopting a Child of a Different Race

Things to consider before beginning your interracial family.

Talking with Kids About Adoption

What your kids want to know about their adoption, and how to talk about it.

10 Questions Not to Ask Adoptive Parents

Learn what not to say to parents of adopted children -- and why you shouldn't say it -- with this adoption etiquette primer.

Adopting a Child with Special Needs

Is a special-needs child the right choice for you?

Expert Advice: Sensory Integration Adopted Children

It's not just the information your child takes in, but how the brain organizes it.

Expert Advice: ADHD and Adoption

Are adopted children more likely to suffer from ADHD?

Breaking the News That You Plan to Adopt

How and when to tell friends and family that you want to adopt.

Adoption and Racial Identity

Every child needs a sense of background and identity.

Bedtime & Your Adopted Child

Every child needs a good night's sleep -- especially an adopted child.

Positive Adoption Language

Terms to use -- and ones to avoid -- when discussing adoption.

Birth to 5: Growth, Development, and Adoption

Children can go through developmental phases related to their adoption.

Helping Adopted Kids Adjust

Understanding the unique needs of children adopted after infancy.

Meeting the School Challenges for an Adopted Child

Can you find a school and a teacher who will be sensitive to your adopted child's needs?

Discussing Adoption with Your Kids

When and how to have this important talk