Parenting Your Adopted Child

Now that your adopted child is home, you may find yourself in some new and unexpected situations. Here's some advice for navigating trouble spots.

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My Harrowing TSA Experience Reminded Me What it Means to Have a Child Who Doesn't Look Like Me
My daughter, now 6, and I had traveled several times before and never had an issue. But on this particular trip, the TSA agent uncomfortably questioned my little girl, who I adopted at birth. She was too scared to even answer. And when I vented on social media, I wasn't expecting other moms to be so insensitive.
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These children's adoption books for parents are full of easy-to-understand lessons in family dynamics, touching stories of love, and adorable characters to help kids understand what it means to be adopted.
Level of Involvement for Birth Parents
Here's what you need to know about the involvement of birth parents after your adoption is complete.
When One Child Is Adopted and the Other Isn't
These 4 must-know tips will help your family mesh no matter what your circumstances.
Helping Adopted Kids Adjust
Understanding the unique needs of children adopted after infancy.

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