International Adoption

If you're thinking of adopting a child from another country, learn what you need to know about the wait time, international travel, your rights, the risks and rewards, and more. Plus: How to work with an international adoption agency.

International Adoption

Interested in adopting internationally? Learn everything you need to know about adopting from foreign countries now.

International Adoption: One Woman's Story

An inside look at two generations of international adoption.

What to Pack for Overseas Adoption Travel

What should you bring when you go abroad to bring home your newest family member? Everything but the kitchen sink!

Language Acquisition for the Internationally Adopted Child

Is my child's language acquisition normal or is there a delay?

12 Travel Tips

Helpful hints for the overseas adoption trip.

How to Adopt Internationally

Learn the ABCs of international adoption.

Insights Into Adopting From Abroad

An adoptive mom and advocate opens up about her personal experience.

International Adoptions

The cost and procedure for adopting a child overseas.

International Adoption: Post-Adoption Reports

If you're adopting internationally, your child's home country may want to keep tabs on your child's growth long after the adoption's final. Learn more about this important paperwork here.

Where to Learn More About International Adoption