Considering adoption? Here's everything you need to know about adopting a child from domestic to international adoptions, from open adoptions to closed, and so much more. Learn about the process, cost, and expectations.

Talking with Kids About Adoption

What your kids want to know about their adoption, and how to talk about it.

Adopting from Russia: One Family's Story

One thing led to another, and we became -- unexpectedly -- twice-blessed.

Adoption Story From a Young and Fertile Couple

When this 20-something, fertile couple decided to adopt a child, they shocked family and friends -- and so did their daughter's birth mom.

Adopting in Your 40s

"First-time parent at 41? If this is my midlife crisis, I couldn't have hoped for a sweeter one."

Common Adoption Fears

Here are five common fears of adoptive parents and how to handle them.

10 Questions Not to Ask Adoptive Parents

Learn what not to say to parents of adopted children -- and why you shouldn't say it -- with this adoption etiquette primer.

Getting Started on Adopting a Baby

Five ways to navigate the adoption maze.

Adopting a Foster Child

Learn about the practice of foster parent adopting.

Raising 50 Kids: Real Stories of Adoption and Foster Parenting

Twenty families in a single California neighborhood share their homes and love with 50 kids in an amazing real life story of parenting with purpose.

8 Tips on Adoption

Advice to help you through the process.

6 Adoption Tips for Same-Sex Couples

Looking to expand your family? Six tips for same-sex couples considering adoption.

Firefighter Adopts Baby Girl He Delivered After Responding to Fateful Call

Marc Hadden and his wife had been wanting to adopt, and suddenly baby Grace was in their arms.

Adopting a Child with Special Needs

Is a special-needs child the right choice for you?

Expert Advice: Sensory Integration Adopted Children

It's not just the information your child takes in, but how the brain organizes it.

Expert Advice: ADHD and Adoption

Are adopted children more likely to suffer from ADHD?

What Is Open Adoption?

Learn the basics of open adoption.

A Simple Adoption Story

Think that adoption is incredibly complicated? Here, the tale of one family who got the baby of their dreams.

International Adoption

Interested in adopting internationally? Learn everything you need to know about adopting from foreign countries now.

Breaking the News That You Plan to Adopt

How and when to tell friends and family that you want to adopt.

Surviving the Wait for Your Adopted Baby

Use your time productively while you wait for your newest family member to come home.

Adoption and Racial Identity

Every child needs a sense of background and identity.

How to Throw an Adoption Baby Shower

Planning a shower to welcome an adopted child may be a little different than your standard pre-baby event. Here's how to plan the perfect adoption shower.

Bedtime & Your Adopted Child

Every child needs a good night's sleep -- especially an adopted child.

Sweet Photos Show Parents Meeting Adopted Baby Daughter for the First Time

You can practically feel the love in these powerful photos.

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