Considering adopting or fostering a child? Learn the ins and outs of the adoption process and the foster care system in your state, including facts on domestic and international adoption, tips on finding an agency, and a breakdown of the cost of fostering or adopting a child.

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Baby Showers Save Adoptive Parents Major Money—It's Time We Normalize Them
Adoption can cost up to $50,000, and for adoptive parents, baby showers can be a great way to bring down some of the expenses of welcoming a new child. So why aren't they more common?
What Prospective Parents Need to Know About Financial Assistance for Adopting From Foster Care
120,000 kids in foster care wait for adoptive parents—and state and federal funds make the process free. If you're looking to adopt, here's what to know about adoption assistance funding.
Why Are Queer Parents Still Paying for Second-Parent Adoption?
Second-parent adoption, also known as co-parent adoption, confirmative adoption, or step-parent adoption, is intrusive and expensive. Why are so many LGBTQ+ couples still forced to do it?
What Foster Parents Need To Know About Adopting and Affirming a Queer Child
The key is and will continue to be for foster parents to listen, learn, and practice empathy for kids in the LGBTQ+ community.
78-Year-Old Woman Fosters More Than 80 Infants Over 34 Years: 'God's Handed Me a Gift'
Linda Owens, of Hayward, California, has touched the lives of dozens of babies in foster care, and she was recently honored by local new station KPIX.
The Pandemic is Forcing Hopeful Parents to Change Their Adoption Plans
Agencies across the country have seen a decrease in adoptions because of COVID-19. It's another hurdle hopeful parents are being forced to navigate.

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Arizona Cop Adopts 4-Year-Old He Saved From Abuse While on Duty: She's 'Brightened Up Our World'
"She’ll always be with us, she’ll be loved, she’ll be cared for," Brian Zach tells us.
I Reached Out to My Birth Father Because of the Pandemic and Never Heard Back, But That Just Made Me Stronger
There has been an increase in people looking for their biological parents during the pandemic. I was one of them. But the process of finding my biological roots wasn't what I hoped for and yet it's helping me heal.

Colorado Mom Adopts 1-Year-Old Child After Learning She Was Fostering Son's Biological Sibling

"I just felt the best I could give him are his family and siblings that he identifies and feels connected to," Katie Page said.