Nurse Asks TikTok Users to Stand In As Her Mom After Getting A New ER Job

TikTok users step up to be a new nurse's mom at a crucial turning point in her life. Warning: Grab the tissues!

Two healthcare workers hug in celebration of a successful surgery procedure

You always need your mom no matter how old you get, a fact of life which is driven home by a new TikTok that will make your heart ache, but also restore your faith in humanity. In the viral post, we meet a creator by the name of Sunny Brooke. She's a nurse who just landed her dream job working in the ER like her mom. But sadly, she tells viewers her mom died and won't be able to see her daughter take on her impressive new role.

"Can you guys just pretend to be my mom for a minute?" Sunny Brooke asks TikTok. She then shares the exciting news that she was officially hired in the emergency room. "It's the job I wanted for a long time," she confides. But the moment is bittersweet. "Yes, this is the same ER you worked in for like 16 years," she says tearfully about following in mom's footsteps and starting in the same role her mom had at the beginning of her nursing career.

Holding back her emotions, Sunny Brooke admits she is nervous because there is a lot to learn. "I'm pretty bummed that you're not there," she confesses. She says she would have enjoyed working with her mom. "That would have been cool. I know we butted heads a lot, but I would have liked to have learned this stuff from you," she says.

"But they still have your picture in the break room," the overcome daughter tearfully shares, adding that it's kind of like her mom is there with her. "I hope you're proud…love you…bye!"

At time of writing, 1.3 million people had viewed the post, with many moms and nurses sharing sweet messages of encouragement in the comments section. Some chose to share their thoughts in the voice of Sunny Brooke's mom.

"As a mama, I can tell you your mom is glowing with pride watching you succeed," one TikTok viewer wrote.

"Mama is so proud of you! Congrats! You're amazing!" another commented.

Even an account by the name of Santa Claus shared a reaction, writing, "Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. Let your light shine bright."

"I'm not your mom, but I'm a mom. And I'm really proud of you. I know she would be too," another supporter wrote, while another bittersweet comment read, "Baby girl, this is amazing news! So proud of you. I've been watching you for a while and I know you're going to be amazing!!!"

"From every mom everywhere...good job sweetheart!! You got this!" declared another commenter.

Finally, stepping in as the new nurse's mom, a commenter shared a series of encouraging words, with one message saying, "Congratulations, my dear. I am so proud of the woman that you have become. I'm sorry I'm not there beside you, but I am always with you in your heart."

We add our heartfelt congratulations to this young woman and can already tell she will touch the lives of so many people during their most challenging times.

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