7 Products for the Perfect Picnic

Take these clever, compact goods on a park outing and you'll no longer jealously eye the spread next to yours.

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Photo: Courtesy of Manufacturers.
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Society6 Orange Grove Picnic Blanket

orange grove picnic blanket
Courtesy of Society6

Make a blanket statement with this water-resistant Orange Grove Picnic Blanket, a zippy alternative to the usual red gingham.

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Lékué Jar to Go

lekue jar to go
Courtesy of Lékué USA

The Lékué Jar to Go has two separate adjustable compartments, so ingredients—whether they're veggies and dip or yogurt and granola—stay separate, not soggy.

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Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Jug

stanley iceflow flip straw jug
Courtesy of Stanley

Keep drinks cool all day (or, literally, days; useful for when you left your water bottle in the stroller) with the sturdy 64-ounce Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Jug. It'll withstand traveling, the dishwasher, or your toddler.

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Business & Pleasure Premium Cooler Bag

premium cooler bag
Courtesy of Business & Pleasure Co.

Stuff all your drinks and fresh goodies into this insulated cooler bag that looks like a stylish duffel. The water-resistant canvas can withstand dirt, sand, or sticky fingers.

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Kikkerland Wood Cutlery

biodegradable wood cutlery
Courtesy of Kikkerland

The 30 pieces in this Kikkerland set are single-use but biodegradable. Chow down without the messy cleanup.

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Boon Supply Bamboo Storage Container

cherry bamboo storage container
Courtesy of Boon Supply

Cherry-pick this bamboo storage container to carry sandwiches or fruit. Forty percent of the purchase price goes to a local organization of your choice.

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Stojo Bowl

pink stojo bowl
Courtesy of Stojo

Once you're done snacking out of the Stojo bowl, it collapses flat for genius, space-saving storage.

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