Supporting your child's early learning is as simple as sharing a song. Check out these Kindergarten songs you can find online that make learning fun for the whole family. 

By Fiona Tapp
April 08, 2019

Forget Baby Shark. There are actually catchy and fun Kindergarten songs you can find online that support all sorts of early learning goals and school readiness. Helping your child to learn their letters, numbers, colors, and shapes could be as easy as holding a family sing-along!

You've probably noticed since your child started at school that they have a whole new set of Kindergarten songs committed to memory. Teachers use song and music to impart rules, routines, and important learning concepts all day long. In fact, when I was training to become a Kindergarten teacher, we were given lectures and workshops on how to protect our voices from so much singing!

The best songs for learning feature rhyming and encourage children to predict what comes next, with repetition to support memory and early reading skills. Dr. Elanna Yalow, Chief Academic Officer at KinderCare says the best learning songs have "catchy tunes that pique children's interest, and gets them moving while singing or listening along [which] supports kinesthetic learning and the brain-body connection."

Take a look on YouTube or ask the teacher for some suggestions and you and your child will be on your way to learning through song.

Here are the best songs for Kindergarten age kids:

ABC Songs for Kindergarten

You already know the classic ABC song but take a look online and refresh your repertoire. CocoMelon on YouTube has a fun ABC song featuring an animation of cute little babies sitting at school desks and learning their alphabet through song. You might also get an idea for a fun craft from the letter caterpillar they make.

Take a trip across the pond and meet England's Mr. Tumble from CBeebies as he sings the alphabet with signing for every sound and example he gives.

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes and finger action songs help to consolidate a range of skills. Mary Anderson, Early Childhood Education Program Director and Children's College Coordinator at Bryant and Stratton College says "The best songs for learning will incorporate learning concepts with actions or movements to go with it. This combination of singing and movement can be very helpful for children and can assist in the retention of concepts."

Try the incredibly popular Wiggles channel on YouTube as they present a variety of Mother Goose classic rhymes. They also use sign language to support all kids.

Choose a classic Barney episode for some nursery rhyme songs from the big purple guy.

Color Songs for Kindergarten

Help kids learn their colors with a fun and funky song from the Storybots. Their soulful tune all about the color blue is one earworm that you won't mind being stuck in your head! Kids will learn all about their favorite colors with fun animation and catchy tunes. Singalong with Elmo while your child learns their colors, numbers, letters and some important lessons about being a good and kind friend.

Sight Word Songs

Jack Hartmann guides kids through a bank of high-frequency key sight words set to a beat to make reading flow. Join in and see how many your child can read independently. Follow Jack's instructions to "look, listen and say the sight words." You'll feel like you're in a disco at a resort with the beat behind this sight word dance song read aloud by kids.

Positive-Self Esteem Songs

Start your day with some positivity by choosing to share a good morning song for kindergarten kids that includes a super positive message of self-love. "Don't Give Up" by Bruni Mars with Sesame Street characters a singalong song that reminds kids to persevere because they can do anything!

Be Yourself by the Singing Lizard is another anthem we can all get behind as it encourages kids to realize just how wonderful they are. The catchy verses reject silly gender stereotypes and celebrate kids just as they are.

Practicing key early learning concepts and school readiness skills need not be boring at all, feel the beat and singalong together, it's time for a learning dance party!