Virtual Zumbini Classes Are An Adorable (and Stress-Relieving) Social Distancing-Friendly Activity

Billed as "happy hour for you and your baby," Zumbini classes engage kids up to 4 years old with music, dance and educational tools. And now you can hop online to enjoy them with your little one virtually.

Photo: Zumbini

With social distancing measures and stay at home orders firmly in place all over the country, classes and workouts are moving from local studios to social media and other online platforms. Parents looking for fun activities to do with their babies and toddlers will be heartened to know that they can now attend virtual Zumbini classes.

The spin-off from Zumba and kids TV channel BabyFirst is an early childhood program, which combines music, dance, and educational tools for kids up to 4 years old. By combining music, movement, and play, the 45-minute classes aim to bolster little ones' emotional development, cognitive skills, balance and rhythm, social skills, and the bond between parents or caregivers and children.

Although classes have been held live in studios all over the world, the company is debuting virtual Zumbini classes for a limited time. The company is encouraging people to sign up for their own "ultimate bonding experience" with a local instructor's virtual session so that once it's safe again, they can "continue the fun, learning, and bonding in person."

An instructor named Colette Wolsko from Staten Island, New York says having the ability to stay connected with her regulars virtually has been "priceless." "I love seeing all of my families smiling and having fun at home," she notes. "Virtual Zumbini provides them and myself with a much-needed distraction and continued learning benefits of the program."

Laura Ramos from Pembroke Pines, Florida says, "I have met new families along the way and also get to jam along with families who used to attend my live classes. I am grateful to still be able to bring fun, joy and bonding to their home through a distance!"

And participants are equally thrilled by the opportunity to do Zumbini online. A mom named Jen Durkin from North Brunswick, New Jersey shares, "We are so lucky that we get to continue to have our music and dance class from our own living room. The virtual classes are easy to join and a lot of fun. My son gets a huge smile on his face when he gets to see his Zumbini instructor and classmates on the screen and hear the music he is familiar with. Routines and socialization are important for our children, so the virtual classes give us something positive to look forward to in our weekly schedule."


Another named Christina Brancato from Staten Island notes, "Taking virtual Zumbini classes has allowed me the opportunity to sing, dance, and laugh with my son from the comfort of my own home. It brings me so much joy to see him smiling while learning fundamental skills."

Use Zumbini's search tool to find a local instructor, with whom you can start take virtual classes now.

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