"Your Kid Is Naked in Your Window" Wins Best Parenting Text of the Year

Every parent has at least one funny (and terrifying) toddler story, but this one takes the cake.

naked baby looking out window
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Ah, toddlers. Their adventurous little spirits can bring a smile to the face of even the most dour. Their curiosity about the world around them and their sense of wonder can inspire even the coldest heart. And their antics can certainly brighten the day of your neighbors—especially when your toddler is standing naked in an upstairs window waving across the street.

In a viral Facebook post, Iowa mom Jeni Boysen shared the story of an eye-opening text she got from a neighbor, which included an even more eye-opening photo. Boysen had thought she might grab a quick shower while her toddler was safely distracted—and fully diapered—on the couch watching Peppa Pig. Little did she know, her boy would get up to some shenanigans in her absence.

The text came while she was in the shower. "Your kid is naked in your window," it read, complete with photographic evidence and a tastefully applied emoji to cover up what the diaper had been covering.

Boysen's neighbor, probably between giggles, assured the shocked mom that she'd deleted the photo from her phone, and said that the unexpected window decor had brightened her day.

"Both my boys hate clothes," confesses Boysen. "The second we get home they are usually ripped off." To other parents of toddler nudists, she says, "Just laugh it off!"

When Boysen saw the attention her post was receiving, she was initially overwhelmed—but it made her happy to hear that so many people could relate.

"I feel like this is such a perfect example of the chaos of parenting and motherhood," she says. "So often our lives are portrayed on social media by perfect pictures of happy, smiling children, and we hardly ever see the real moments that make us think, 'I am so glad I'm not the only one!'"

Thankfully, this incident ended in laughs. But it's also a good reminder that parents should be vigilant about keeping windows secure, and if your toddler is extra adventurous, maybe consider adding window guards for a little extra security. After all, you never know where an adventurous toddler may decide to pop up next.

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