Your Favorite 'Sesame Street' Characters Are Now on TikTok

Social media just got a bit sunnier thanks to someone telling Sesame Street how to get to TikTok.

Someone told Sesame Street how to get on TikTok, and the Internet is here for it. Parents and children can now see short-form videos of their favorite characters.

The brand's first video appeared on August 25 and featured 19 seconds of the Yip Yips (the colorful aliens from Mars) saying "TikTok" and "yup." It was a cheeky way to reveal that the timeless show, which premiered on PBS in 1969, had landed on the new-age platform first released in 2016.

"I cannot imagine a more perfect way to run across this news," commented one user, Virginia.

"This is the best TikTok that can ever be made," wrote another, who posts under the name @rcatherineb.

There's one of a helmet-clad Bert discussing how riding his bike and feeling the wind in his eyebrow makes him feel free. Even the LA Times could relate to that one. "Same, Bert. Same," the widely-read West Coast paper commented. And another person, @deedadeet, was just thrilled Bert "found some activities to reduce his anxiety."

Though Sesame Street's core audience is pre-school-aged children, it still resonates and brings a healthy dose of nostalgia for adults. Case in point: A throwback pinball number count video. And, of course, there's the more recent feud between Rocco and Elmo, which started in 2004 and went viral earlier this year.

Bert and Ernie

But Sesame Street has tried to top it over the last week.

"The saga continues," wrote user Jessica Lee Harper.

"Elmo, an empath, sensing Rocco's negative vibes," replied KrissYay.

The short-form videos don't always leave much room for depth but leave it to Cookie Monster to fit a philosophy lesson into a 16-second clip. "If cookie crumbles in the forest, and me not here to see it, is it still delicious?" he ponders.

"The content we all need," JoyMama responded.

The most recent video includes Ernie telling Bert a knock-knock joke that deserves all the laugh-crying and face-palming emojis.

"Anyone else realize they still love these guys?" wrote Nana.

The entrance onto TikTok comes on the heels of some not-so-good news that had the Internet upset—HBO Max removed about 200 episodes of the show as it prepared for a merger with Discovery +. Though low ratings were cited as a reason, Elmo and crew are proving sunny days won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

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