A woman recently asked her husband to get her earrings made with her breast milk, and what he came up with is most definitely giggle-worthy. 

By Maressa Brown
December 28, 2018
breast milk in bags on counter
Credit: Karunyapas/Shutterstock

December 28, 2018

Everyone knows breast milk is liquid gold, so it absolutely makes sense that many women are preserving their supply in an artistic way: by having it turned into jewelry. Unfortunately, not everyone is fully aware of the breast milk jewelry trend, which explains a funny viral story recently shared on the popular Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk. 

A post from December 27 details how an anonymous mom asked her husband for breast milk earrings for Christmas—and what he came back with was, well, really not at all what she expected. "I told my husband that for Christmas I wanted Breastmilk earrings. Fast forward to Christmas morning. I open this," the woman shared alongside a photo of diamond and pearl earrings. "He says, 'These are authentic breastmilk earrings.' I immediately start cracking up... He tells me he went to Kay at least 3 different times inquiring about breastmilk earrings (I'm sure they thought he was a weirdo) he said the guy told him these were 100% authentic breastmilk."

She elaborated, "I told my husband.. "#1. Why on earth would I want to wear someone else's breastmilk. The whole point of it is to be your own milk to celebrate your breastfeeding journey, and #2 did you really think they sold breastmilk jewelry at Kay?!'"

The mom said that her husband gets "an 'A' for effort," and while she loves the earrings he got, she concluded: "If you want someone done right. Do it yourself