How to Find 'The Wizard of Oz' Surprise Easter Egg on Google

Follow the yellow brick road—or just these five steps—to get your browser doing tricks Toto would envy.

The Wizard Of Oz Movie Scene Cowardly Lion Tin Man Scarecrow Dorthy Gale Wicked Witch of the West
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On August 25, 1939, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer's The Wizard of Oz hit theaters. Eighty years later, the screen adaptation of L. Frank Baum's 1900 book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz continues to be lauded as one of the greatest films of all time.

Now, to mark the film's big 8-0, Google has woven a cool Easter egg into their "The Wizard of Oz" search results. You can click on a pair of sparkly ruby red slippers and transform your browser screen into a topsy-turvy, black-and-white world befitting of the classic flick—temporarily, that is.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown for finding the anniversary-inspired surprise.

  1. Go to Google's home page. In the search field, type "The Wizard of Oz," and hit ENTER.
  2. You'll see results on the right side of the page, including a collage of photos from the movie. In line with the movie title, you'll see a pair of red slippers animated with a pink sparkle effect.
  3. Click on the red slippers, and from there, your Google page will jump into action. The heels click three times, and you'll hear Judy Garland say, "There's no place like home" three times. After that, the browser does 360-degree spins before transforming to a sepia-tinted, black and white color reminiscent of the film.
  4. You'll see that where the red slippers used to be on the right hand side, there's now a tornado. To get your browser back to 2019 "full color," click on the tornado.
  5. A house pops out of the tornado, and you'll hear Garland say, "Auntie Em!" The browser will then spin back to normal.

Twitter users are loving the search surprise.

The Easter egg is available in both desktop and mobile browsers, but it's unclear how long it'll be active, so if you want to feel like Dorothy Gale, you'll need to pop on over to Google ASAP and get those ruby slippers clickin'.

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