Watch Toddler's Excitement As Mom Understands His Halloween Ask

"Yes, a Quetzalcoatlus. You're right." His mom couldn’t decipher what he was saying—until she did in this joyful TikTok.

Twin Toddlers Dress up for Halloween as Dinosaurs
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Sometimes, it can seem like toddlers and pre-schoolers speak in code. It takes a while to control the tip of their tongues, so "r's" can sound like "w's," and they may mix up tenses. These little mispronunciations are all part of normal language development. Still, sometimes adults have to listen extra carefully, and it can take a while to decipher what the little one is saying.

But cracking that code can feel like a big win—for the adult and child alike as one TikTok mama recently discovered.

The user, who goes by @sierramiller086 on the platform, posted a video of a conversation she had with her 3-year-old about what he wants to be for Halloween. Apparently, the little guy had been trying to tell her he wants to be a Quetzalcoatlus for a while, but she couldn't figure out what he was saying.

To be fair, it could be because he was pronouncing the "l" like a "w"—which is normal. But it's not every day that a person hears the word "Quetzalcoatlus." We'll save you the Google search. It is a now-extinct flying reptile with a 40-foot wingspan that may have needed to take an 8-foot leap to get off the ground.

Sierra went online, found a photo of the creature, and showed it to her little guy to confirm. Forget Halloween—the 3-year-old's face lit up like Christmas morning.

"A Quetzalcoatlus," he said as Christina Perri's version of You Are My Sunshine plays.

"This is what you're talking about?" Mom asks.

The boy beams as he exclaims, "Yes, a Quetzalcoatlus. You're right."

The mother eventually gives her son the printout, and he studies it excitedly.

"Whoa, a Quetzalcoatlus, yes," he says toward the end of the video.

No word from Mom as to where she'll find or how she or someone else will make a Quetzalcoatlus costume. But for now, she and her son seem thrilled to understand each other finally.

Other users loved it, though.

"Too cute," wrote one.

Some TikTokers also learned a new word when they watched the video.

"He says it perfectly, but I have no idea what he is talking about," someone replied.

"It's funny because he's actually pronouncing it perfectly, but it sounds like a made-up kid word," commented another.

But one user is welcoming this little kid to the Quetzalcoatlus fan club—because apparently, one exists.

"The Quetzalcoatlus is my favorite dinosaur. The fact that this kid is the only one I've ever seen acknowledge this dinosaur makes my heart swell," the person wrote.

Just hearing a little one's thoughts can also be heartwarming for adults. Though little kids are just developing their language skills, getting them to open up can be so fun.

Asking toddlers questions can build self-confidence, organize their thoughts, and give adults a glimpse into a child's mind and heart. Remember that children develop at different paces—not every kid will pronounce Quetzalcoatlus almost perfectly—but you can always speak to your pediatrician if you are concerned.

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