Watch This Kid Get More Done in a Day Than Most of Us Do in a Week—Not That We're Avoiding Laundry or Anything

One kid tackles a laundry list of tasks (including laundry) before he even opens a school book. And a TikToker has a video to prove it.

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It's cliché but true. Every kid is different. Some eat Cheerios for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, put off bedtime for as long as possible, and sleep late. And we love them for it.

Others like to roll out of bed early and get their days started. And then, there's this kid, who is not only clearly a morning person but more put together before sunrise than most adults (myself included).

One parent, who goes by @shopping666 on TikTok, posted a video of her 6-year-old's morning routine, and it's impressive, to say the least.

"My baby is six years old, and he gets up at six every day to cook for himself, do housework, and then go to school," the caption reads.

And the TikToker has video evidence to prove it. Sure enough, the little man gets up at his alarm, picks out his clothes, and irons them. He then proceeds to brush his teeth, wash his face, and make himself breakfast—and not just cereal and milk. This kid makes himself dumplings and eggs. He does the dishes and not only uses the bathroom but cleans the toilet, does the laundry, and eventually heads off to school.

Whew, It's a lot. The post has racked up 35K comments. Some were highly suspicious.

"Ain't no kid actually doing that every day," wrote a top commenter.

"We all know he doesn't do that," another skeptic said.

But the video shows he at least did all that one day. Others didn't question the TikToker—they just picked their jaws up off the floor and applauded.

"This kid did more in one day than I have done all year," one TikToker replied.

"He has more motivation than me," said another.

"Good for him. I'm [going to] stay asleep," joked someone else.

Realistically, your kid may not wake up and act like this tomorrow—and that's OK. Children, especially kids that age, often rely on parents to help make their food. And chores don't have to be done first thing in the morning, regardless of their age. But if mornings are a bit more hectic than you'd like them to be, there's a way to find a happy medium and make them more efficient. Here are some expert-backed tips:

  • It starts with sleep. If your kid is consistently groggy in the morning or doesn't want to get up, they may not be getting enough nighttime Zzzs. Make sure they're getting enough sleep. The National Sleep Foundation offers age-appropriate guidelines.
  • Have a place for everything. As adults, some of us constantly scramble to find our phones and keys before heading out the door. We know leaving them in the same place every day can help nix this reoccurring stressor, though. Kids need to be taught to do that. Teach your child to put their coat, shoes, and backpack in the same place the night before so it's easy to find them in the morning.
  • Know their pain points. Maybe your child has to try on at least five outfits before deciding what they want to wear. Or, perhaps they can't figure out what they want for breakfast. Anticipate these issues and try to solve them in advance. For example, end your day by having your kid strut their stuff and model clothes for you. Then, ask them to pick out the outfit they liked best to wear the next day. You can also establish a menu in advance.

Not everyone is like this TikToker's kid, and even adults can struggle in the morning. Understanding your child and helping them navigate mornings based on their needs, preferences, and personality can help things go more smoothly, though.

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