Watch This Ex-husband Make Co-parenting Look Easy

This TikTok dad shows just how fun-loving a platonic bond with your former partner can be.

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Maybe it's because divorce lawyers, who charge by the hour, make more when splits are more contentious and custody battles drag on and on. Or maybe it's because pop culture often paints breakups as fully negative and drama-filled. But plenty of former couples are amicably co-parenting these days—not only without the drama but by maintaining a lovely, platonic, harmonious dynamic. Take a dad on TikTok named JimmytheGreek7 and his ex who have a teen son.

In a TikTok from late last month, Jimmy demonstrates exactly what co-parenting can look like when former partners leave their past in the past and have a fun-loving time in the present.

In the clip, the goofy dad hops on the couch and lip-syncs to his ex who attempts to stifle laughter as their teen son walks in the background clearly unfazed by the scene. It's pretty darn cute.

Commenters applauded the ex-husband for illustrating "friendly co-parenting." One wrote, "Y'all, some exes still have chemistry and love but know they don't work as a couple. Friendly coparenting is good parenting!"

Another could relate, noting, "I absolutely love my child's father. He absolutely loves me. But we are terrible in a relationship. Like the worst. As co-parents, we are best friends."

A third noted, "Two people can like each other and not be compatible spouses. Not every divorce is bitter."

Right on. Cheers to former partners and co-parents proving that you don't need to be romantically involved to still care about one another, support one another, and clearly, crack one another up.

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