Watch These Airplane Passengers Sing 'Baby Shark' To Calm a Crying Toddler

TikTok users say their faith in humanity has been restored after airline passengers helped calm a jittery toddler by singing the popular kids' song.

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The song "Baby Shark" is magical, and my baby son is legitimately obsessed. When we're driving in the car, at some point I'll inevitably end up singing the catchy (some would say annoying) tune to calm him. On more than one occasion during a longer trip, our entire family has launched into a stirring rendition of "Baby Shark" and as if by some secret baby language, my 1-year-old goes from crying despondently to smiling from ear to ear.

The mystical power of the "Baby Shark" song has been witnessed in countless homes and vehicles across the world. One especially heartwarming example was shared to TikTok recently by a creator named Parikshit Balochi. As he explained to Insider, he was on a flight from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Albania when a fellow, pint-sized passenger got upset. Another passenger behind the child began belting out the familiar, soothing song, and that is when Balochi and many of the other travelers got in on the act.

"I've got no shame because I do public speaking as a radio host. So I started singing out loud, and everybody joined in," he said.

In the sweet clip, we see a little boy who is clearly feeling comforted by his friends, Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, and the grandparents of the small sea predator. Many of the passengers who piped up in the chorus of the song can also be seen smiling.

TikTok users were similarly touched by the mile-high moment, with one person commenting, "We need a world full of these type of people."

Indeed, the video seemed to restore some folks' faith in humanity, as another commenter said, "See what can happen when we all work together instead of against each other?"

Someone else proclaimed, "never underestimate the kindness of strangers."

And one person who must have been on a past plane ride with me and my kids pointed out, "This is amazing. People normally just stare when little ones have meltdowns. We need more people like this!!!!!" Seconded someone else, "If only every passenger behaved like these when a little one cries on a plane."

As a mom who has most definitely been given the side-eye while traveling with tiny people who feel afraid of the loud engine hum, altitude changes and unexpected ear pops, I'm similarly loving this share. When I have to fly next time, I'll cross my fingers that at least a few of the folks on the plane are as kind and generous as the "Baby Shark" chorus members from Balochi's flight.

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