Balloon-Wiping Teacher Goes Viral in Video Teaching Critical Bathroom-Wiping Skills

Looking for a creative and mess-free way to help your kid learn how to wipe? One teacher has a brilliant balloon solution.

Parents expect their kids to learn a number of things in preschool—the alphabet and number sense, maybe how to write their name, socialization, and the beginnings of conflict resolution. But not many parents expect their kids to learn how to, ahem, wipe their butts in preschool. That's usually the kind of thing we expect to teach at home. Handwashing? Yes. Butt-wiping? Doesn't happen at my kid's preschool.

A video, that appears to be of a classroom abroad, shared widely on social media showed us what we've been missing. This absolutely brilliant teacher came up with the best wipe-teaching hack ever. By attaching two balloons to a small chair, she showed kids the perfect front-to-back technique, while showing them how to balance on the potty. We all stress the importance of proper handwashing, cough covers, and nose-blowing and expect those to be, if not taught in preschool, at least brushed up on and practiced. Maybe it's time for bottom cleanliness to take center stage in American preschools as well.

The origins of the video are unknown, but various versions shared online have been fairly well-received, with parents around the Twittersphere acknowledging the sheer genius of the balloon models.

But because it wouldn't be Twitter if people didn't get offended, plenty of people were offended, suggesting this sort of skill is best taught at home. We can't argue that wiping best practices should be taught at home, but some households might accidentally overlook the lesson and some kids might need a refresher course from an authority figure besides a parent, as one Twitter user points out.

"Little kids barely ever wipe correctly," the commenter tweeted. "Add on that they probably listen to their teacher more than they listen to their parent(s), this is a great idea."

We're with this creative teacher and, on the whole, this teacher was praised for her inventiveness and dedication. Just try to keep a straight face watching it, we dare you.

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