Funny mom bloggers Tiffany Jenkins and Meredith Masony want to know if you're more of an '80s mom or 2019 mom this summer.

mom sunbathing vs. mom lathering her child in sunscreen
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Every decade is filled with its own research, trends, and social norms, which is why obviously parents did some things differently 30 years ago than we do now. From doling out ice pops as snacks to scoffing at sunblock, '80s moms handled summer in a way that might make some of today's hummus- and SPF-loving parents cringe. For others, hands-off '80s parenting might feel like a breath of fresh air. Either way, seeing the two parenting styles juxtaposed is all kinds of entertaining. That's the premise of a hilarious viral video "1980's Mom Vs. 2019 Mom: Summer Edition," brought to you by Tiffany Jenkins, who runs the blog Juggling the Jenkins, and Meredith Masony, who writes on That's Inappropriate.

In the clip, the funny moms demonstrate some fairly eyebrow-raising, giggle-worthy differences between parenting in the summer then and now.

Turns out, real-life inspiration was taken into consideration when the moms produced with the clip. "I definitely am the '80s mom, and Tiffany is the anxious helicopter mom," Masony says. "The parts wrote themselves. I love scripting for Tiffany, because she makes the lines come to life. She is truly a great actress. She puts her spin on it, and I die laughing!"

So do others. Since being posted on Tuesday, July 30, the video has wracked up over 17K shares and nearly 7M views. Commenters joked that they could definitely see themselves as one or the other. One named Samantha Sprague wrote, "80’s mom! I yell, I tan, and send them outside to play and we have a shit ton of freeze pops they can get themselves."

Natasha Schneider shared, "I'm definitely a fusion of both. I yell, I cuss, I load my son up with SPF 100 so he stays as ghostly as possible. Glow baby!"

Melissa Miedema wrote, "Omg, I've been on my kids about getting out and experiencing a true 1989 summer. You guys would have died to see their faces when I told them there was no internet, no iPad, no phones. The phone was on the wall with a cord. We spent the entire day outside until the lights came on. No in and out. I'm trying to balance the summer between both."

Miedema's point is well-taken. As fun as it is to identify with 1989 mom or 2019 mom, striking a balance between the two extremes is probably the key to the happiest, healthiest summer for everyone—no matter what decade you're momming in.