Viral Video Features the Cutest Little 'Flight Attendant' You've Ever Seen

This adorable little girl imitates a tired flight attendant who has dealt with "horrible" passengers in this hilarious (and ridiculously cute) viral video.

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If there's one thing we've learned about social media content in the age of pandemic parenting, it's this: Videos of children imitating their working parents are really, really cute. And even though a little girl named Abby recently told her mother "Mom I'm not going to be a flight attendant like you, I am going to be a vet!," that same little girl chose to pay homage to her mom's career in a subsequent video...and it's a much-watch.

The video, which has been shared on multiple social media platforms, features the adorable child dressed up like a flight attendant—and it's not just about the outfit. To say this kid is perfectly in character as an exhausted, slightly disgruntled employee is an understatement.

The video begins with her flopping down in total exasperation. When her dad asks her why she's dressed in her full flight attendant garb, she's ready with an answer. "Because I just came back from Miami," she replies. She also quickly corrects her dad when he asks her if she was working a turn to Miami with a perfectly sassy "pfft, it's actually my ami." From this point forward, her dad refers to Miami as "your ami," naturally.

There's a reason why Abby's flight attendant character seems so, well, over it. When her dad asks how the passengers on her flight were, she answers with a very decisive "horrible."

"They made fun of me," she explains of the 'horrible' passengers. "They said I was weird." Her dad's reply? "You are not weird. You're beautiful and amazing." And he's right: This little girl is super cute, and a total comedienne to boot.

Abby goes and stands next to her mom—who is also in her flight attendant uniform—at the end of the sweet clip. Abby's final quip is also hilarious and delivered in pitch-perfect fashion: After her dad asks her to say hi to "your ami" for him, Abby answers exactly like a time-strapped working adult would: "Got it," she replies. The comedic timing on this kid is on point.

"Oh man, she is too much! I'm not sure if my favorite part is the "pffftt," or "hhhhorrible!" or "got it!" She's just so precious!," one commenter writes. Another adds: "She literally had the hardest day at non work."

Clearly, this little girl has talent and sass to spare. Need further proof? Check out other videos of Abby, which feature the little girl (who has been dubbed the "queen of conversation") commenting on everything from donuts (she refers to herself as the "defender" of the beloved treat) and princesses. We'd say the future is very, very bright for this natural performer.

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