We applaud the babysitter for her professionalism as the mother spews profanity before blocking her altogether.

By Lauren Pardee
January 04, 2019
Teen Upset at Text Messages
| Credit: Flotsam/Shutterstock

Yet another scandal brought to life by Reddit that we can’t help but share. User u/VortexThing is going viral for exposing a series of texts his sister received after babysitting for two kids where the mom not only refuses to pay her, but she claims free ice cream was proper compensation. While the babysitter held her ground and remained firm yet respectful, the mother grows vicious in her attack as her plans to scam the babysitter continually fall short. We are completely outraged and so is the Reddit community.

First of all, every current and former babysitter and parent alike knows (we’d hope) the job isn’t charity, it’s hard work and deserves fair compensation. Second off, it’s very clear this mother was out to scam from the beginning. The joke is on her though, just because you delete a text on your phone doesn’t mean it disappears from the other person’s. You know what they say about karma.

Just as you’d imagine, everyone came to the defense of the babysitter and people are even calling on Judge Judy herself for justice to be served:

According to Fatherly, there was a follow-up post submitted by u/VortexThing announcing that the babysitter had since been unblocked and the official payment was on its way. It’s too bad that this mother couldn’t have just been proper the first time, but now there is no need to call in Judge Judy. We commend this babysitter for properly conducting herself during the awkward and unnecessary altercation. Hopefully, she has spread the word throughout her community that these people aren’t worth anyone’s time.