Viral Photo Series Shows Kids Crying for the Most Hilarious Reasons

The Facebook page Thunder Dungeon shared a series of images under the caption, "Reasons why my tiny human is crying."

Toddler Temper Tantrum Sitting On Floor
Photo: Petrychenko Anto/Shutterstock

Soothing your little one's cries is just a part of parenting, but from time to time those tears have nothing to do with being hungry, tired, or needing a diaper change. Nope, they were triggered by something completely innocuous and potentially hilarious. That's the gist of a photo series on the Facebook page Thunder Dungeon, shared alongside the caption, "Reasons my tiny human is crying." One little girl is losing her mind because she keeps dropping her fork. Another had a meltdown over a dropped gas station receipt.

Here, a few of the most hilarious, and potentially relatable, examples.

Gotta give it to kiddos for showing their emotions for a whole range of reasons... Even if they're not reasons that make the most sense to their parents all the time!

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