The 3-year-old's dad said he left her alone for 10 minutes, and when he returned, she had demolished 18 cups of Yoplait's Petits Filous yogurt.

By Maressa Brown
October 30, 2019

One of the most entertaining and, at times, frustrating toddler traits is their extreme love or dislike for certain things, especially foods. Guacamole might be the most reviled item in their world, but perhaps they can't get enough mac 'n cheese—or in the case of a 3-year-old from Nottingham, England, Yoplait's Petits Filous yogurt. Olivia Whysall has been making headlines around the globe after her dad Arron snapped and posted a photo of the little girl alongside 18 empty cups of the treat. Yes, she reportedly ate them all in one sitting.

"I was in the garden for 10 minutes," Olivia’s dad, Arron Whysall, told TODAY Parents. "When I came inside to check on her, I saw that she had helped herself to 18 yogurts. She looked so proud of herself. I couldn’t tell her off."

After Whysall shared the jaw-dropping photo to Facebook on October 12, it quickly racked up over 16K comments and 10K shares to date.

Commenters have been mostly amused by the scene. "I'd like to meet this kid. They clearly know how to live," one noted. Another said it was the "best thing I've ever seen."

One mom pointed out that her son would make a "great accomplice."

But others expressed skepticism. One commenter wrote, "Well Aaron, I don’t believe it. I love yogurt but it’s hard to open. Your child has no yogurt spots on her clothes, her hands or her face. Children this age don’t eat spotlessly. In addition, the table is spotless. Did she clean it before picture?"

Regardless of what actually occurred behind the scenes of the funny photo shoot, Whysall told TODAY Parents that his tot was "totally fine afterwards. She didn't get sick or anything."

Still, he acknowledged to TODAY that his daughter is "very mischievous." Whysall explained, “She draws on the walls and gets into everything. You'll come in the kitchen, and she's in the cupboards."

No doubt hhe and Olivia's mom Billie Eloise Hardie will have to keep an eye on their L.O. going forward—lest she do something else hilariously eyebrow-raising and viral-worthy.


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