This Viral Coronavirus Bedtime Story Is the Positivity We Need Right Now

"The Great Realisation" tells the story of a positive future post-pandemic.

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In a time where the world as we know it has completely changed, millions of people have been affected, and hundreds of thousands have died, it's hard to stay positive. The thing about uncertain times, though, is that you realize the things you can be certain about—the things that get you through.

Enter: Probably Tomfoolery's "The Great Realisation," a bedtime story about the coronavirus or, rather, a brighter future after the pandemic. In the video, British poet Tom Roberts, 26, plays a dad reading a COVID-19 bedtime story to his son—who, by the way, is actually Roberts's 7-year-old brother. The now-viral poem imagines a world after 2020 where we held onto the things that held us together during this dark time: family, nature, love, kindness.

If you haven't seen the hopeful video yet, stop what you're doing and give it a watch. Trust me, it's the feel-good moment you could probably use today:

"All the coverage of what's going on at the moment is really important, but we are consuming so much negativity—and rightly so, because it's scary and there's so many people suffering," Roberts recently said on the Today show. "But at the same time, I really believe that people are incredibly resilient if you can give or suggest there might be even the smallest ray of hope. And I felt that that was lacking, and so I tried to imagine what, if any, good could come out of this, and all I could think of was that potentially in the future we would look back at this as a moment that we realized we could be kinder to each other, more progressive, fairer."

It's no wonder the video has been shared by millions—it's the optimism we could all use right about now. And, like the poem says, "hindsight is 2020." But let's not wait until years into the future to acknowledge the good and the hope that's around us right now. Once this pandemic is a thing of the past, let's not just go right back to our busy lives. Let's continue to appreciate the little things: hugs, sunny days, fresh air, smiles. Perhaps this video really is "The Great Realisation" many of us need.

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