The truly unnerving, viral clip was taken by a driver in Minnesota. 

By Maressa Brown
January 16, 2019
driving car hands turning steering wheel
Credit: lzf/Shutterstock

January 16, 2019

Hitting the road with a little one in tow means taking certain safety precautions, like ensuring that your child's car seat is installed properly. But it seems terrifying accidents still happen. A man from Minnesota named Chad Mock recently witnessed—and filmed—a gasp-worthy incident that's making headlines nationwide. In a flash, Mock saw a toddler who was buckled into a car seat fall out of a moving vehicle

Mock was driving in the city of Mankato on Monday, January 14 when he saw the rear passenger door of the car in front of him open suddenly. Within seconds, a toddler fastened into a car seat fell out of the moving vehicle and to the ground. Mock's dashcam captured footage of the horrifying moment. It also shows Mock and several other drivers getting out of their cars to check on the 2-year-old girl. The driver of the car the toddler came from was unaware, driving further down the road for some time.

Mock shared the video on Facebook writing, "If it didn't happen in front of me i'd never have believed it....