A mom from Cincinnati is expecting her second child and revealed the sex of the baby with elaborate pyrotechnics—built into her nail art!

By Maressa Brown

February 12, 2019

From backyard BBQs to professionally-planned bashes, beautiful cakes to Pinterest projects, millennial parents are constantly coming up with thrilling, over-the-top, Instagram-friendly ways of announcing their baby's sex to family and friends. Sure, you've seen plenty of sex reveals involving fireworks and color explosions. You've likely also seen moms flaunt their baby's sex with a blue or pink manicure. But it's unlikely anyone had combined these two ideas—until now. A nail artist from Cincinnati, Ohio named Marsha recently took to Instagram to share a video of the pyrotechnic-rigged manicure she did for an expectant mom named Sherice. 

"My coworker Sherice is expecting her second child. She wanted me to do some gender-reveal nails because she had never seen any before," Marsha told POPSUGAR. "She gave me full range to do whatever I wanted, so the cake is what I came up with."

In addition to a colorful pink and blue mani, Marsha added a miniature cake to Sherice's middle finger. But it wasn't just any regular mani accessory. It sported a tiny candle, which was lit by a guest—and set off a colorful burst that revealed the sex of the excited mom's second kiddo.

Since posting it to Instagram on February 10, the clip of Marsha's artwork in action has wracked up over 107K views.

The buzz about this creative nail art comes on the heels of other quirky creations for moms like milk bottle and breastfeeding manicures.

Though parents may prefer to stick with popping balloons, slicing into a cake, or opening an envelope, more power to anyone who wants to go all out for their sex reveal. No doubt Marsha's nail art is definitely next-level.



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