9 Vice Presidential Debate Tweets That Have Parents Applauding

From the "Momala" facial expressions to the way the California senator Kamala Harris' rhetoric urged girls to own their voices and claim their time, here are the tweets parents were loving last night.

Mike Pence And Kamala Harris Take Part In Vice Presidential Debate
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Unlike last week's presidential debate that reduced many people to agitation (at best) or tears (at worst), last night's vice presidential debate was filled with relatable moments—for parents especially. After all, many moms knew exactly how Senator Kamala Harris felt while attempting to reclaim her time, shutting down Vice President Mike Pence's interruptions by saying, "I'm speaking." And certain withering looks Harris offered Pence mirrored those that many parents all too often give misbehaving children.

In response to moments like these, Twitter blew up with commentary that hit the nail on the head for parents from coast to coast. Here, tweets that have parents nodding and applauding.

1. Looks a Lot Like Parent/Teacher Conferences...

"Kamala over here looking like a parent hearing their child act up at a parent/teacher conference when the moderator asks Pence a question," tweeted Ernest Owens.

2. ...And Kindergarten

"TBH, the 'I am speaking' line was pure gold, yes, but what really made me audibly gasp was when she said, 'I'm so glad we just had a history lesson!! Let's do that a little more' and absolutely popped off lol. She really used kindergarten teacher voice and I'm here for it," wrote Twitter user KayJenne.

3. Don't Even Try to Talk Over a Mom

"Kamala is like a mom telling her little child to stop talking and let the adults finish speaking. IM SPEAKING!" wrote Twitter user Cat_Persisting, who then added crown emojis and a gif of Harris offering one of her signature exasperated looks at a hearing.

4. Working Moms—and Women Everywhere—Could Relate

"I love how she says, 'I'm speaking every time he interrupts her. Every woman who's ever been in a meeting is applauding her right now," observed Parents.com digital content director Julia Dennison.

5. Fed Up But Controlled "PTA Mom" for VP

"Kamala Harris looks like she'd run our country like an angry PTA mom would and honestly we need exactly that," observed ChaDotWho.

6. Let's Hope Little Girls Are Watching and Learning

"'I'm speaking. I'M speaking.' I hope every little girl heard that," tweeted Orange Is the New Black star Uzo Aduba.

No doubt, parents all over the country could relate to these VP debate moments. Here's hoping their visibility serves to fuel a national conversation around respectful communication and kids of all genders feeling empowered to raise their voices.

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