Twitter Thread Highlights Hilarious Ways Kids Misunderstand Us

There is a magical window of time when kids misunderstand us due to their innocence and we say it's worth cherishing!

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My daughter was 4 years old when we first looked at the home we now live in and fell in love with it—at least, I did. For her part, she kept complaining that she didn't like the sweet nursery that we'd plan to convert into her room. "I don't want to sleep in a crib," she insisted over and over. I couldn't figure out why she thought I'd make her sleep in a crib again in the new house—until I realized she was under the impression that the furniture came with the house. Once I assured my daughter we would bring her bed with us to the new house, it was all good. She got excited about her room and I promptly filed the incident under "funny stories to tell her when she's older."

To be honest, when our children's innocence leads to misunderstandings, these are the sweetest of times. Take actress Daisy Haggard's recent tweet about how her child got two words mixed up that completely changed the meaning of an upcoming plan.

"4 year old is livid because she thought we were [traveling] by FAIRY.. not FERRY," the Episodes star related, which immediately spurred other Twitter parents to share their own tales of kiddos who misinterpreted a situation with hilarious results.

"My twins were furious at that age when we arrived at a uniform shop, not the unicorn shop they thought we were off to," one parent tweeted.

Apparently 4 is the magic age to misconstrue meanings, as another parent shared, "I took my 4 year old to a cat art exhibition and she could not contain her disappointment when she [realized] the paintings were done by boring old humans, and not cats wielding paint brushes."

To be fair, preschool in general is a time when kids are figuring out a lot about life. As another Twitter user shared, "When my nephew was 3 he was asked to be in a wedding. When he saw his tux he was so upset. He was fully expecting a bear costume since he was the 'ring bear.'"

Or, how about this adorable gem? "Reminds me when my 3 year old daughter was disappointed when our 'Frozen' pizza was not shaped like Elsa and Anna."

Incidentally, given that Haggard is British, there were a lot of her followers who shared stories about their little ones being let down by a trip to Wales. No matter what part of the world you call home, judging by the expansive Twitter thread, it seems every adult has a story about something either they misunderstood as a child—that still haunts them—or a time their tots had a different take on what was happening versus reality. And you gotta love it!

Ultimately, to Daisy, we say hey, it'll be hard to make this one up to your 4-year-old who isn't going to be flying on the back of a fairy this time.

But also, these are the moments that you'll miss when your child is, oh, say about 14 years old like my oldest, and they understand way more than you think. Like, way too much. As in, why did you laugh at that NSFW meme I left up on my Facebook by accident? As in, what happened to my innocent 4-year-old? As in, how right is Haggard's daughter in the end? Because fairies are pretty awesome when you think about it, but ferries? Not so much.

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