Travis Scott Surprised Daughter Stormi With a School Bus and People Are Losing It

The internet is cracking up over the fact that the famous 3-year-old just wants to ride in a "big yellow school bus."

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No matter how many posts about postpartum diapers and toddler breakdowns they might share, celebrity parents can't help but prove on occasion that they are, indeed, not just like other parents. Take the latest incident out of Camp Kardashian. Right on the heels of Kylie Jenner announcing that she's expecting baby No. 2, she and her children's father, rapper Travis Scott, are getting tongues wagging for making one of their eldest's biggest dream come true: a ride in a big yellow school bus.

The beauty entrepreneur took to social media to share pics of her daughter, Stormi Webster, exploring a bus after Scott surprised her with it. "All Stormi has been talking about is riding a big yellow bus," Kylie wrote on Instagram Stories alongside a photo of Stormi touching the bus, according to Page Six. "Daddy surprised her."

It's unclear whether the bus was rented or purchased to make the little girl's fantasy come true, but either way, people on Twitter were losing their minds over the fact that all the toddler wanted was to do something most kids do.

"Stormi is so rich her dad Travis surprised her with a yellow school bus so she can act middle class for the day," tweeted one writing under the handle @Samantha_Schou.

A second Twitter user, writing under the handle @biancadanello, wrote, "Rich people are literally so far from reality they bought a school bus for Stormi to sit on."

A third, @emilybernay, noted, "Kylie and Travis buying Stormi a yellow school bus because all she wanted to do was be a normal kid and ride on one is the most dystopian, surreal, depressing, and funny thing I've ever seen."

And another, @jclnprc, shared, "Obsessed with the thought that travis scott paid an absurd amount of money to rent this raggedy public school bus for stormi some of my worst childhood memories were made on this bus… for free."

Still, not everyone saw it as a strange juxtaposition between Kardashian World and the real world. "To be fair they probably just rented it from a local school, which tons of people do all the time for events and what not," pointed out Twitter user @iJaadee.

And that's a very good point. If nothing else, this eyebrow-raising situation just goes to show that kids are completely unique. And if you're the kid of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, your dream's likely going to look a little bit different from those of most toddlers'.

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