Embarrassing Kids' Behavior Thread on Reddit Is NSFW & Totally Relatable

A 3-year-old named Elizabeth was sent home with a hilarious note after she was caught "acting inappropriately," and it's going viral on Reddit.  

Diverse Group of Kids At Daycare
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May 21, 2019

No parent wants to hear that their little one misbehaved at daycare or school, but every now and then, you can't help but crack up over an eyebrow-raising incident. Case in point: A 3-year-old girl named Elizabeth is quickly becoming a viral sensation, after her dad's friend took to Reddit to share the funny daycare incident report she recently earned for "acting inappropriately."

The very formal-looking report reads: "Elizabeth was acting inappropriately by showing another student her butthole while saying 'Look at my butthole.'" Yes, really.

Perhaps the teacher could have found a more tactful, diplomatic way of describing the incident, but she decided to lay it all out there. As one Redditor named Tarijeno put it, "I'm guessing this isn't Norma's first rodeo. A new teacher would've found a more delicate way to put it: 'Elizabeth, while making friends, showed several of her classmates her 'no-no' spot.' A more professional teacher would have said 'Elizabeth exposed her private area to another student in the class.' Norma's just like, 'Fuck it. She said butthole so I'm writing butthole.'"

Upon reading the hilariously worded report, Redditors weighed in with amusement and their own stories of contending with toddler antics.

A Redditor named UsedDragon shared, "My 5-year-old son went to camp at the YMCA last year. We got one of these that said 'Logan ran out of the locker room naked, yelling I'M NAKED AND MY PENIS IS SHOWING! HAHAHA! My wife wasn't impressed. I thought it was funny as hell."

Another named PMartin1 wrote, "When my oldest (now 18) was in kindergarten, we got a call from the school that he was getting completely naked to pee at the urinal. You can’t even be mad. Fast forward about 5 years, same kid, we head over to my buddy’s house to help him out with something. Five seconds after we’re in the door, the kid is lounging around my buddy’s house in nothing but his underwear."

Dannighe shared, "I grew up across the street from an elementary school. It was pretty common for people to park outside our house while waiting to pick up their kids. When my youngest sister was about 4, she had a major thing for streaking, she loved to be naked. One fateful day, there was a couple chilling while waiting for school to let out, and she ran up to them, turned around, dropped her pants and yelled at the top of her lungs 'SEE MY BUTT?!' somehow making it a question and a statement at the same time. As I ran up to grab her, the poor bewildered couple just gaped at her, and she took off running and giggling. She will never ever ever live that down and this child shouldn't either. It's just too much fun to tell."

Parents are also plotting to squirrel similar notes away and bring them out when the time is right. One Redditor named wyliethecoyote641 commented that Elizabeth's report "should be framed, and then hidden, until the day of her high school graduation party. Hang that puppy high and proud," to which another named CompZombie responded, "I have a similar note ready for my son for a future wedding embarrassment. He was written up in 1st grade for showing the class his underwear. His write-up from the teacher included a spot to put down his plan for the future. And he put, 'To keep my pants up and do my work.' Now, that's a lesson we should all remember."

Sounds like little Elizabeth may never hear the end of this. If that's the case, here's hoping that when she and her parents look back, they're able to laugh as much as these Redditors did, for years to come.

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